Bad Updates/Make Dw Better

  • We all know that the dw despite having no defense (which should have) has no damage or good hit rate base, plus many of their skills do not work as they should / or are not enabled; At this point almost no one uses dw because it literally does not work, and this in my opinion and that of many people is something that should change. I just hope that the "Moderators" / Daneos will find out what happens inside the server, and stop giving their typical "pre open beta" speech to see, here are people spending time of their lives so that after an update of shit (excuse the rudeness) fucck all that time inverted(And poor people who created a character to do speed atk, they shit in their time).

    Put yourself in the other's place for a moment, it costs them nothing to add or take damage / speed so that the players feel motivated to continue playing, if they continue doing what they do I have no doubt that the project will go to hell people will stop playing. I want the best for the project, but from time to time it is not bad to hear a different point of view. And my point of view is like that of a player who played taiwan and who played dbog from the founder server:thumbup:

  • Okay, then lower the speed needle, bold strike, and wait until the game is complete? It's like I said, despite being a Pre Open Beta there is LIFE TIME invested in it, would not it be better to make the experience as rewarding as possible? And yes, I knew there was a thread to put it, it was more I was doing until I saw that you answered me, but if people do not act, they will never be heard and there will never be changes, and the changes that I and many people want are not inside of a year, but now in the present

  • I really support your opinion that the dw need to improve it a bit and as for the speed of attack also because it is the one that affects me.

    for 3 weeks I was uploading my poko and when I reach 65 nerfearon the kaioken and really I do not want to play because without the speed of kaioken I can no longer kill the way I did

  • afma you mean killing enemeys with only auto attacking? for what need you than other skills than kaioken this change in the past was totaly right or each skill trees are no more need into the game. About the issuses on Dw i feel same lost fights agains lower enemies and allways missing my attacks so i cant use him as Tank for CC anymore.

    With the new

    - Buffs which increase LP/EP no longer heals when the target does not have full LP/EP.

    I dont know if their can anybody run than CC when not having the Ep Regeneration Buff from Dende, the only way than for this is Auto LP and Ep Regeneration Potts or the Potts out of the CC Dungen to run their because other items dont work their too.

    Maybee i missunderstanding that and it should means which Increase the Max LP and EP stats of your Charakter and not the Auto regeneration.

  • Hello, there, soon I saw this, I will give you info what is all about.

    Buffs that raise your HP, or EP, like from Namek Warrior let say, Dark Warrior or Shadow Knight class, buffs like Draconic Protection would heal you if you would buff yourself.

    Let say, you are buffed and someone deals 3k dmg on you, while you have 20k, you will end up at 17k.

    Now when you use buff, while you have that buff, rebuffing, you will heal for ammount of HP that buff gives, such as 1666 if maxed. Simple put, you would heal for 1666.

    About poko thing, if you want full speed again, bring karma with you and you will have your speed back and kaioken speed nerf is right call, game shouldn't be auto attack one.

    About DW, there is one big thread about how DW should be fixed and it will be fixed soon.



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  • It doesn't anymore, it just heals if you have your LP at 100%

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