Buff to the DW urgently

  • there are 0 reasons to choose to take a DW as a tank over Sk. This in itself is a problem, which ppl do not seem to grasp. anyone can tank at this game, even a human can tank kraken...

    But who cares right? the people who actually main DW are so little that they wont be able to change anything....

  • there are 0 reasons to choose to take a DW as a tank over Sk. This in itself is a problem, which ppl do not seem to grasp. anyone can tank at this game, even a human can tank kraken...

    But who cares right? the people who actually main DW are so little that they wont be able to change anything....

    Hence why DWs need the right buffs. Can't just randomly throw a buff here and there. They need to be able to tank mobs better than SKs since that's what they were apparently designed to do considering all of there AOE options.

  • Problem is what Proxymime says is 100% correct. SK is only slightly less tanky (while in current state if game, and even more so on 70lvl, tanks are mostly redundant), while it dishes out a serious damage,beyond comparison with DW

    It's not a brainer really, every party given choice will go with something perfectly adequate when tanking but with powerful attacks, rather than great wall of China with offensive abilities of slice of cheese.

    You say that DP is an op skill to have, but let's be honest. It's only useful while playing solo, in party you have a dende. And while I agree it's an awesome move to have, life drain isn't much behind with it's dmg compensating for lower heal

    I really don't get you people, you say that tank can't have decent dps, what the hell do you call SK then?

    Can we stop trying to argue that SK isn't overpowered (come off it.. It's an utterly silly claim and not the point of the conversation) and focus on sorting the dw out?

  • Problem with DW is that he miss a lot, who cares if he kill with 2 - 3 attacks.

    DW needs more base focus soo he miss less, Demon Wave with 345% energy dmg part in it and 400 burn dmg at max level with cooldown of 15 sec and not 20 and his taunt should have range of energy siege at least 35m with higher duration.

    This way DW would have nice dmg, something like Flame Shower Breeze.

    This way in speed party, DW would use auto attack and burn dmg that works on most of mobs plus it have higher defense than any other tank and have DP, soo healer don't have to spam heal skills as madman.

    PS: You guys complain about who will take DW in any PVE content, when people starting to take poko instead of any tanker, full speed party, you can already see it happens.


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  • Yeah these are the kind of buffs that I believe are needed. Tanks aren't meant to deal large damage despite NTL favoring Shadow Knights for some reason.

  • 2-3 attacks wouldn't be much of a problem considering the durability, but 4-6 depending on crits is

    And I didn't really wanted to bring speed parties up, because that's topic for the entirely diferent and long conversation. I do appreciate some solid suggestions though

    With that said, unles we bring DWs damage to be remotely comparable, there still won't be a reason to take him over SK, since both are perfectly adequate to tank but only one does more than that. You'd need additional dps to compensate for having dw in your party.

    Obviously bringing SK down so much is not an option, so that leaves us with either reworking the entire game so it would make some sense, or buffing up dw considerably, beyond his tank powers

  • As a veteran Dark Warrior main'er throughout all of DBO KR's lifespan, and of course also here in DBOG's OB, I will say, that it is beyond clear that something has to be done to and with the DW class, in order to mend the huge gap between that class and that of the Shadow Knight!

    No matter what happens (or what might not), I'll still keep playing my DW and love it to boot, but all bias aside (from me and from you, the reader too), it is a no-brainer that the majority of people -- both old and new -- chooses the SK over the DW; from reasons not only from all the threads that praise the SK for its (falsely stated) all-around OP nature, but from the truth that is: SK's are indeed as close to the DW in terms of defensive properties, but with the raw damage of a truck hitting you in the face, which the DW simply do not have! No wonder that people try to protect the SK with false claims of it being balanced and whatnot.. And no wonder people chooses SK's over DW's. A real pity though..

    I hate to sound like a brag-ster (which I'm really not at all), but to get my point across, and to print my sayings into the simple-jack minds of those with a ''go budo aura or go home'' mentality of this forum: I, myself, was the first in the world to ever win a budokai aura as a DW. It was a second place solo budokai win back in KR (which was only once a month), and from pure skill, tactic and strategy. With that said, I know the class very well, and see myself as a guy with good insight on this matter (and this is not meant as no other opinions matter!). I also played an SK for a very long time, and even back then -- as it still is -- the DW is just such a lackluster class compared to the superiority of the SK. This goes on pretty much all the areas of what a class are!

    I am not all for, that the DW should just get a big dps increase, and then call it a day. No sir'y! There are many, many ways a class can be buffed, tweaked and / or adjusted, in order to make it a viable choice. I think that the DW's tanking role should be embraced!
    For starters, our hit rate and success rate should get a rather drastic increase, as we are a class at the core, that misses almost more than we actually hit anything. Together with the low dps we have as a base, this is just not good at all. Especially also considering that we are a tank class!
    Secondly, our base defense and LP could get a slight increase, as to further distinguish us from our SK brethren (which again, doesn't lack so much behind on this area as they should). More importantly in the defensive department though, would be that we should get a higher base resistance rate, and at the same time get a build-in, passive KD spam filter. Cause that shit is just annoying!
    Moreover, as also mentioned by others on this matter, our taunts should just simply be a 100% apply guarantee, cover a wider area, and more enemies affected, as well as last longer.

    This one is gonna be hated by most, but it is my opinion, that the SK's Violent Slice aoe stun ability should be removed from them, and then added to the DW's arsenal instead.

    The Demon Wave, which has the potential to become great, should first and foremost be fixed, so that it utilizes the Claws' upgraded weapon attack stats, and then have an energy % value added to it's effect. Not as good as the SK's Bold Strike, but more akin to that skill.

    DW's are an energy-based class, and we have a lot of (especially AoE) physically-based attacks, which are simply lacking behind the energy-based ones. One way to fix this, is to equalize our physical stats, or another is to simply buff those physical skills, as to then put more emphasis on a choice between going physically or energy-based. Cause as of right now, it isn't a choice.

    There are a LOT more ways the DW could become better, without simply buffing their offensive capabilities, but the above is the gist of it. Well, how about something entirely new to our arsenal? How about instead of the useless passive EP Boost, we could get a passive LP% recovery, like 3/3 would be 15% or something? Think off the grid in the defensive line, here.

    So, the questions arise: is it really that odd that people prefer and chooses to go SK over DW? Is it really that weird that SK's are considered the mandatory Tanking class for anything PvE? Is it really that strange that SK's often win PvP-related content, and DW's do not? - These were all rhetorical questions, because as things stand with the DW vs. SK (and always have), the answers to all the questions are a big, sounding NO!


    [PL]Daneos (if you haven't disabled the notification that comes which this poking method) fingers out, and mend the gap!

  • Scrancher

    I did not read the whole passage, but when i saw this bit `No matter what happens (or what might not), I'll still keep playing my DW and love it to boot' It made me decide that there should be an award in this game (not budoki something like the ballan do'r )

    and my vote goes for you, towards the Ballan do'r of DBO.

  • Oh man, I was just in another thread talking about this and you hit the nail on the head! Although with the AOE stun, I wouldn't mind giving it to DW if SK is given a single target stun with similiar range in order to not gut their PvP opening potential vs some classes. That passive lp% would actually be really good, but perhaps a tad OP. I would think it would be better to make your DEF buff a passive replacing EP and to give you the LP% and a bit of focus on a buff instead, replacing the DEF buff. This way DW can have LP% like SK has AntiCrit, 2 stats which are incredible for tanks for different purposes. In a way, this would balance their defensive buffs, with the DW having more base defense - if the SK were to wear 2x lp% and have a maxed anticrit buff and the DW were to have 1x lp% and 1x anticrit % with an LP% buff, they would have a similiar lp% and anticrit%, which I find a cool idea. Support!!!!!