Should I craft gears or farm them?

  • I just started playing dbo 2 weeks ago, I begun crafting and realised it cost a lot of zeni to level up and I am not sure whether I can keep up

    So my question is, is it better to craft gears or should I try to farm them from mobs

    I am a free player ;(

  • I wouldn't bother crafting unless you've got a decent amount of zeni saved up to invest into crafting before. This is coming from the guy who spent 18kk on crafting and didn't get a single good lv 60 crafted item. It also takes a while to level up your crafting level.

  • Hi,

    In my personal opinion, crafting is a good long term investment, and more so if you just got started. This because of 2 reasons:

    - You can craft leveling gear with good stats (not perfect ones) so that you never have to worry about your gear while leveling and also level up your crafting as you do this.

    - Once you hit the level cap you'll be able to craft a good and balanced set for yourself.

    Bonus: once a new level cap is released, if you are fast enough to get max craft you can make quite a bunch of money if you are among the first crafters that get max stats. This isn't the case in the current cap because a lot of players already got their craft gears and a lot of players can craft 60 gear, so it's not much of a novelty.

  • Ty for all the replies. I guess I will keep crafting. I have some questions:

    1-Can someone pls tell me if crafted gears are good for endgame content or not

    2-what does H, N and M mean in the armour craft recipe

  • I started getting this on crafting level 10... :/

    I am trying to create a level 10 craft item and have level 10 in crafting, but am getting the "Need more level" error message.

    Edit: In my case it turns out that I had to be higher than level 30 to craft level 30 stuff (level 10 crafting stuff). I couldn't craft it on level 30, but as soon as I hit level 31, I was able to. Case closed for me.