Turtle Guide.

  • 3f5fba027aefcda94f6d56c590646b5c.pngHi.
    After the post I made on the forum on This thread I got told that I should make a guide for fellow turtles, to make their life easier.
    Well, I am not going to write a huge wall of text again, so I will paste what I wrote on the named thread, and try to explain the turtles and their playstyle.

    First off, the gear.
    For PvE I suggest you to get the following

    Jacket [PvE] : 23-28 CON Crafted, try to make it +6 or higher, or if you can, use ticket [this sentence will be copied]
    Jacket [PvP] : 24-28 fOC Crafted, try to make it +6 or higher, or if you can, use ticket
    Pants [PvE] : 24-28 CON Crafted, try to make it +6 or higher, or if you can, use ticket
    Pants [PvP] : Same as Jacket, or get CON.
    Boots [PvE] : 24 or more CON
    Boots [PvP] : 24-28 CON try to make it +6 or higher, or if you can, use ticket

    Reasoning : For PvP you will surely encounter fighters / swordsmans, who has high dodge rate, to counter that you will have +20-28 FOC from armor, and still 2 armor which can increase your LP and LP regeneration nicely.
    FOC gives successrate and hitrate.
    You need DEX because it gives dodge rate, and resistance rate, which can be very handy if you get a debuff storm, and barely can live.

    You could have anticrit armors, but I personally suggest you to go for CON / FOC, because even if you have anticrit, turtles have low HP on base, and non crit attacks can finish you easily aswell.

    Earrings [PvP] 2x Props earring from BID3, or 1x CD [BID4] + 1x Props.
    Earrings [PvE] 2x props
    Rings [PvP] FOC set from BID4
    Rings [PvE] CON set from BID4

    Reasoning : Props gives you extra damage over the enemy, and extra defense against the enemy, be it mob or a player doesn't matter, high props advantage can help you win a fight.

    NOTE : If you have SOL SOL CON for pvp, make sure to go for CON set rings for pvp, because your LP is still very important

    Necklace [PvE & PvP] : Resistance rate, or Wild props.

    Weapons kinda comes from your playstyle.

    PvP : 30-33% ecrit wand, preferable +10 to +15, matched with 30+% ecrit gloves, +8 is enough, because Giant kamehameha is the only skill you have to rely on, maybe disks for skill locking.
    PvE : This is the tricky part, but mostof you already know the Speed party, if someone not, pm me and I'll gladly help.

    Speed : 22-26% attack speed gloves, same for wand. NOTE : ONLY UPGRADE THE GLOVES, YOU USE THE WAND TO GET SPEED ONLY
    Crit : Listed above, 30-33% crit for both gloves and wand.

    Builds :

    PvE : Speed :

    PvE : Crit :

    PvP : Speed :

    Pvp : Crit :

    Hybrid [PvE and PvP crit combination] :

    Now, the skills and what / how they do.
    It's been 3 years since I used my turtle hermit, but I will try to explain what each of the skills does, and what's the most effective way of using them.

    Turtle Rod Strike : Basically does the same as Spirit Ball, it lowers your enemys movement speed by 4, for 4 seconds, higher upgrade makes it longer, but I personally think you should always keep that on 1.

    Super Kamehameha : A kameamehame that has very strong damage, also able to KD if you use KD power up with it. The attack range is 45 meters, the aoe range is 20 meters.

    Giant Kamehameha : I might be obsessed with turtles, and god damn it why do I say this, but I always felt like this skill needs nerf, I remember causing insane damage with this skill, and oh boy, if you are a turtle, you will spam this a loooooot. The skill has a range of 35 meters and the aoe range is 30 meters, causes more damage from behind, however the cooldown is long.

    Don't think I need to say this, but a turtle obviously want to have as many aoes as possible.

    Scatter Shot : I personally love this skill, it has a huge range, can attack from far, and very useful, IF you are going for KD, otherwise I wouldn't recommend upgrading it.

    Consecutive Disks : This is one of the MOST loved skills, and there's a good reason why. This skill makes your opponent skill locked, also has a huge damage impact, which is a very good thing. Only backstab is that the cooldown is very long, and the skill effect takes only up to 6 seconds WITH increased skill effect time power up.

    Turtle Rod Hurl : This skill is basically only for KD, atleast I never ever in my life saw a turtle who used it for anything else, + I would keep that skill only if it's very necessary to have bonus KD skill.

    Turtle Rod Impale : this is a very very dangerous skill if you use a DoT build, which I personally NOT recommend having. The skill can deal serious burning damage, and is spammable, combining this skill with Hurt can make the enemy burn to death.

    Slow : Mostly used as the single target ( you CAN combine it with Weaken Defense to make a massive damage to the enemy's defense ), although not too common skill.

    Attack Speed Shackle : As the descripction of the skill says, on max it decreases the target's attacking speed by 70%, which is sadly not working on fighters that use thunder, keep that in mind.

    Also sorry if this guide didn't really help most players out, I really suck at making guides. D:

    EDIT : Minor typo fixed

    People tend to message me in-game asking what gear should they use, please keep in mind that I am not a mind-reader, I don't know what / which playstyle you prefer, which means I cannot tell you what gear to use.

    [spoiler=For PVP]Jacket : 28 focus crafted jacket. + 28 contitution crafted jacket.
    Pants : 28 constitution crafted pants.
    Boots : 28 constitution crafted boots.
    Earrings : 23+23 cooldown earring / 11+11 props earrings.
    Necklaces : Energy Crit RATE necklace / ATLEAST 40% or higher antibleed necklace.
    Rings : FOC BID4 set / CON BID4 set.
    Gloves : 28 focus crafted gloves, with atleast +8 upgrade. // 27% ecrit gloves, with atleast +8 upgrade. // 10 ecrit rate gloves, with atleast +5 upgrade

    SubWeapon : 27% Ecrit, with atleast +10 upgrade

    Edit #2 : The energy attack passive is optional, you can alternatively remove the 3 points and add other skill upgrades, most builds heavily depending on the base damage that you can output, and not all turtles use lots of skills due to EP usage. Keep this in mind.


    Weapons : Focus or Energy Critical Hitrate with Energy Critical Damage % wand, preferably crafted, as the base damage is better.

    Armors : I prefer CON FOC CON armors, but CON CON CON can work too if you have high focus gloves and focus pair rings.


    Solo or Party PvP

    Pure PvE


    Earrings : I prefer to use 2x prop earrings, but CD can work if you can sacrifice some damage to use your kamehames again.

    Rings : Focus or Con 8 prop set from CC (78 coin ones, make sure to get the crafted ones if you can craft them)

    Necklace : Status successrate or (your attack attribute here) attack % necklace.


    Earrings : 2x Prop earrings, try to get 6 or more each, get 11 or 12 cooldown ones aswell, as they can come handy against some classes.

    Rings : Focus prop set from CC, try to get the crafted ones.

    Necklace : Bleed duration / Candy duration / status successrate and attack attribute %, keep swapping them regarding on your opponent.

    Skill usage : Considering your best skills cannot be maxed by now, you want to try to DPS as much as possible, let it be Impale for burning, spirit ball + speed restrain to make the enemy unable to move, or Scatter for KD purposes.

    Since your Giant kamehame is weaker than Super, and disk cannot be maxed, your best tip is to rely on your only maxed skill by now, which is Super kamehame, you can use that skill as a "Set up" if you're a female turtle, or use it as pure damage as male.

    Energy reduction is not that useful at this level, since you can't afford to lose energy to heal yourself, as your base EP is slow and you will run out fast.

    Maxed sudden stun is key in most battles, since it's not possible to get max anti paralization without using very important accessires (pvp wise)

    Weaken defense : This skill makes your kamehames feed your system tab with high numbers vs players and mobs, make sure to ALWAYS max it, and use with cooldown RP.

    Scatter shot : Mostly used for KD purposes, not really good for pure damage.

    Turtle Rod Hurl : Use it to win some time while your speed restrain or sleep is on cooldown.

    Impale rod : Addon skill, mostly to continue doing damage until your better skills are on cooldown.

  • I know you and I pretty much always disagree about this, but why no points in spiritual damage boost? not for me for others so they can see reasoning and decide for themselves if they want to add it and maybe take a couple points from impale

    Because Spiritual Damage Boost increases the raw damage you're going for, and I rather have burning or bonus damage from different skills.
    Regardless your opinion is good aswell, but Impale is a very very deadly skill if you know how to use it, also, the spiritual damage boost doesn't make THAT much difference, since Spiritual Damage Breakthrough compensates it just fine.

    You saw my turtle many times, and you cannot say that I didn't deal enough damage afterall.

    And the fact that you always disagree with me, makes me question why you asked always me for help with your turtle.

  • I was just never much of a fan of the physical damage skills on turtles. I only used hurl for KD.

  • LISTEN UP DBO NEWBIES: Roli is literally one of the best turtles I knew on original DBO. I may have knowledge and disagree but this guy knows that the fuck he is talking about. if you want expert advise, this is your guy right here.

    I asked for help because I saw your damage you did but disagreed because I'm stubborn and always thought my way was better haha

    This 9tail always makes me feel good ;_;

  • "Super Kamehameha : A kameamehame that has very strong damage, also able to KD if you use KD power up with it. The attack range is 25 turtle."

    Super Kamehame has not 45 meters range? Or balanced dbog?

    Sorry I had a typo there, I meant to say "25 meters" not "25 turtle".

    EDIT : You were right, super kamehame is 45 meters range, the AOE range is shorter than the giant. sorry.

  • I just have one question on the hybrid build why scatter shot 3/5 and Turtle Rod Impale 3/5?

    is not better 1/5 scatter shot and Turtle rod impale 5/5 ?

    is good the extra damage on scatter shot?

    Scatter shot has a very weak damage on the first 2 levels, only the third level starts to make seemingly better damage.
    Impale is mostly used for Burning debuff only, and on lv4-5 the burning damage is not much higher than on 3, so I felt like it would be useless to max out 1, and leave the second one weak, this way the both deal damage, and has a good burn.

  • Great guide, feels so nostalgic!

    I mostly used a hybrid build simillar to yours. I did put some points in Agility for the resistance you get with 24 dex tho.

    Nice to see your energy reduction is lvled too, many ppl didn't understand that part.
    But since it is counted as a debuff you can get a Karma to put Love Cursing Armoa on you/your tanker after you debuffed him.
    That results in a bigger phisical and energy dmg.
    We allways used it on bosses like cell
    (not my account btw just an old friends)

  • Yeah I like using it, but I hate how they designed it. Why make it a freaken Debuff, which basically adds the chance of it backfiring on you?

  • This is my own, personal build for those interested.Clicky. Some points about it I'll explain.

    EP Recovery: This was a life savor in CC Dungeon one time. Our Healer was KOed and I was in Super Saiyan. We still had to finish the floor before our Healer recovered, but I had no EP recovery items. Then I remembered this skill and just kept spamming it to maintain SSJ until we were done. With that in mind, I decided to add it into my build (which is PvE BTW) as a backup EP recovery option. The loss of health isn't a big deal either, especially if you have high LP thanks to gear.

    Hypnosis: As Roli explained on our Discord channel, Sleep is used in end game dungeons to keep Ultras preoccupied and away from your Tank as he deals with the dungeon boss. I keep it at 1 SP because...

    Speed Restrain: I'll also be spamming this debuff. The debuff itself is also good in normal PvE when combined with Spirit Rod as it lets you stall Supers, Ultras, Bosses, etc while you keep attacking or deal with their backup mobs.

    Kaio-Ken: Honestly, I prefer using SSJ over Kaio-Ken after it was nerfed in lv. 70 cap. Now whether or not it will be the same in the official release is yet to be seen, but for now just having it at 1 SP is enough to get by (especially when you got a Healer around).

    Scatter Shot/Turtle Rod Impale: Both skills are great in PvE. Scatter Shot is a good AOE attack, and while it lacks the damage output of your Kames its quick CD and KD at 1 SP make up for it. Likewise, Turtle Rod Impale is a great single target skill thanks to the added burn damage. Both are at 3 SP because I wanted both skills to have good power but couldn't fully afford spending so much SP on them.

    Physical/Spiritual Defense Buff: Spirituals have two debuffs that lower the target's physical attack skill by 20% while Turtles have these Defense buffs that increase your selected defense at the cost of reducing the other attack type defense by double the amount. Since Debuffs can be blocked by some bosses, I went with the defense buffs. Normally you wouldn't think of using them when dealing with a lot of mobs (especially since you can't have both active at the same time), but against bosses and such? They're a great option to have to boost your defenses, especially in Cell-X (energy) and Kraken (physical) dungeons. They're also great if you're 1v1 powerful mobs like Supers and whatnot since their damage type tends to be random despite what their animation shows (if you pay attention to your scouter, you can see whether their attacks are physical, energy, or split into both).

    Guard: Something that really bugged me is that we have a defensive skill that we earn through TLQ 2 and no one uses them often. Considering the fact that they can block skills and fire a counterattack with a KD effect, I feel maxing this skill is necessary and helpful. This is especially true against bosses in PvE who have charging attacks. It's also useful in PvP if you time it right, which can allow you to counterattack while your opponent recovers from the KD (especially since no one uses Guard Break RP effects in their skills).

    And that's that.

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