Things you would like changed from Retail

  • What are some things you would like to see different then what it was on retail. Please explain a brief good explanation of why you want this change.

    Some example -
    Flying needing AP, Burst flying require items + still drain ap. I would enjoy being able to fly around to my hearts content. Only because this is what I feel a Dragonball universe should allow me to do. So by making flying limited by cash shop and ap it ruins the system of flying itself.

    Kiokan,Super Saiyan,majin,great namekian - Cool down I get that DBO wanted us to feel like Super Saiyan is special and all the other class transformation. Though a 30min - 1hr cool down for them is basically ridiculous. What's wrong with us wanting to transform when we want?. I say make it 5-10min Cool down seem more fair.

    That just two example of what I like to see changed, whats yours?

  • No limits for Great Namek transformations, let the limits to transformation pots. Infinite AP seems good too, why do we need to have a limit time to fly?

    Let transformations 20 minutes if minim cd, cuz of budokai fights, it will be good if we are able to use 1 time per enemy, but not all rounds of each enemy.

    Limit cd redution to 70% or less.

  • - I would change nothing on the cd from ssj because it keeps everything special .It would be nothing special when every 10-20 minutes can
    transform.That feeling when you cannot transform to a ssj (Special).

    - I would not change much just little things because we want the normal DBO and not a completely different DBO.

    - Small things like bring the old Scouter system back. :thumbsup:

  • Transform CD was good, by wearing CD staff we could to go down to 18 minutes and 36seconds cooldown if i am not mistaken.

    - Balance game

    - Bring old scouter system back

    - Let non--cash players get brown/silver boxes, we need that for CC gear

    - Some changes to make budokai more fair, i hate time draws (disable pots, senzu, autopots after time is up)

    - Fix budokai aura ( it shouldn't stay forever )

    - Add ultra hard mods to TMQs and UDs, make it 5x harder most of content i was able to solo... (higher diff = higher drop ofc)

    - Add filters to auction house, so we can easy search items with stats which we need.

    - Fix upgrade system, it was not 33%/33%/33% chance for success/fail/break

    - 50-55 quests...

    - Change Dojo scramble apply system, do not allow 1-member guild apply

    - much much more :P cant remind now

  • NEW RP Abliity besides ki reduction. i think its useless.

    example: RP vampire
    Use 1 RP ball to heal back 50% of the damaged dealt
    i know thats OP numbers but its just an example.

    Stat allocation for level ups so we can customize our characters to our liking.
    Level up gives you 5 points of stats which you can put into STR,ENG,SOL,FOC,CON,DEX. I hate the fact that if you level to 70 as any class and take off all of your gear you are the EXACT SAME as anyone else of that same class (minus passive buffs of course.) We are all diffrent fighters! we should all have something unique that defines our character and style besides gear and buffs. So if you wana try something diffrent and new you can.

    Level up transformations for a stronger effect just like Kaioken gives you stronger stats when you rank it up to level 3.NOT ssj2 ssj3

    super saiyan skill level 1 at lvl 40 SOL +20% STR +20% DEX+20% ENG+20% FOC+20%
    super saiyan skill level 2 at lvl 50 SOL +30% STR +30% DEX+30% ENG+30% FOC+30%
    super saiyan skill level 3 at lvl 60 SOL +40% STR +40% DEX+40% ENG+20% FOC+40%

    I know those stats are broken, im just using an example.

    Give skills more sp so if we want to max a skill farther than anyone else we can.

    Example some skills in the 1st class tree go up to level 60 like the spirit tree, but it most other cases they stop ranking at level 30 and become useless for biulds. why not increase the skill rank to higher levels? Spiritualist Poison Bleed goes all the way to level 57 and has 7 skill ranks. but other skills like Concentrated Kamehameha stop at level 28 and has 5 skill ranks? why cant Concentrated Kamehameha has more skills ranks at higher levels like the spirit's poison bleed?

    It would be more fun and exciting to play around with biulds, and we could see some new and cool diffrent things.

    Longer dash range for faster traveling untill we get fly
    I think it would be more fun to dash together as a group super fast.

    - more gear set effects to accomodate our playstyle.
    like cc gear if you had all 5 peices you get a bonus effect

    - dragon ball icon on mobs always drop dragonball instead of random low chance. but with this, make the dragon mob spawn rate really low to make it more exciting when hunting and less boring and it feels like you ACTUALLY have a working dragon radar

    -no wish for transformation.
    why wait forever to get dragon balls when you already worked hard for level 40 or 50? I guess i really wouldnt care if it happend or not, but i bet you less people would qiut becuase then cant make a DBO certain time to hunt for dragon balls versus someone with all the free time in the world. This would prevent alot of headaches.

  • Aura on budokai shouldn't stay forever
    Now there will be no chinese player /overpowered
    so everyone will have Aura easily. So i think it's better to have Aura 2 weeks

    yea even 1 week is good (how it was originally without bug). there were many noobs with lucky aura or who paid for it. aura should be a serious thing, if you are really good you can defend your title every week

  • reset skills form npc even after level 30 (small fee), so we can test skills and switch to pvp/pve build whenever we want

    No just no... 1 free reset skil per month just maybe maybe... This game will be too easy and fucked up if you will do that...
    Don't do that daneos... Also you can't make everything for free, come on...

  • No just no... 1 free reset skil per month just maybe maybe... This game will be too easy and fucked up if you will do that...
    Don't do that daneos... Also you can't make everything for free, come on...

    true, just do some events including brown reset skill (reset 1 sp) as reward

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