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  • ei kuromi preciso de ajuda

  • You deleted my post... it was already dead but that was so cruel :(

    • Hi Killua,
      I'm not aware of this, which post was it?

    • ''Loading screens''

    • I have no idea what you're saying.

    • Now its fully deleted and i did another post adding more suggestions.

  • Hi goddess kuromi

    • Hello Boom boom's Brother

    • Hi kuromi gotta say keep u the good work sorry for late reply I forgot to check the walls again welp have a good day

  • i need help please

    • hello, how may I help you?

    • what happens is that when I start the game I put my username and password and press start but it leaves loading and it does not enter, and I have to press again start but it happens the same, sometimes it enter but i my keyboard doesnt work in the game and i cant move

    • do you know what could happen?

  • can i join t4s

    • TFS isn't really alive as of now, but you can join Our Akasha guild instead. If you're interested

    • yea

  • hi sir. i left the game for like 1 week and now when i open launcher
    the start icon won't light on and no update or something shows up
    what to do

    • Hello FoxyGamer

      I suggest you update your game to the latest update.

    • hmmmmm but the update patch didnt show to me to start download
      and i used manual patch but still same problem
      i will re download it

    • same problem after download and reinstall

  • hello kuro the crashing happened again, I didn't understand really I fixed it yesterday
    do you have any ideas ?



    • Hello,

      I'm sorry for the delay, do have it fixed yet?

    • delay ? everyday I got this problem and fix it solo .. I just want to see you what you can do

    • Hello,

      Deactivate your Anti Virus, or add dbog to your exemption list / whitelist. If you think your game has some missing files due to your antivirus software, then you'll have to reinstall your game and install the latest patch.


    • and download directx and frame network cuz it's important to support the game and run it successfully, and ... and ... (ಠ‿ಠ)
      I know all those stuffs cuz I'm programmer but that's not what I asked lol
      I just showed you defect I saw it when I was playing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

      Based on your first message it seems to me that you're asking for help due to the game crashing. But okay, have fun


  • Hola soy nuevo y no me abre el juego y ya tengo cuenta creada y activada
    Favor ayudame

    • Hola,

      Puedes dar más información sobre tu problema, puedes enviarme una captura de pantalla / video de tu problema.
      Mientras tanto, puede intentar desactivar su programa antivirus o agregar la carpeta dbog a la lista de exenciones y reinstalar el juego. (Lo siento, no hablo español)


  • Yoo Kuro can you send me via pm or what ever, DBOG discord link... I kinda lost it and most of them are broken. Thank you. xD

  • apology is that when I start dbog I get a screen that says authentication failure I do not know if there is maintenance or something else.

  • Really like your avatar.

  • when i open my launcher, but the patch does not start and the start button turns black, if I try to open the .exe the game does not let me confirm the password and the user, do you have any idea what I can do?

    • Hi, try to reinstall the game and update me if anything happens :D

    • I already have done that, but the probleme still the same. ;-;

  • The server is under maintenance?

  • Holy ****, you're a girl?! I don't know if you remember me or not (Tensoran is the name.) wow, this whole time I thought you were a guy, I am so sorry lol.

    • Oh, xD Hi there TenTen

    • Hey there, how've you been? lol

    • Doing great i guess ^^ how about you?

    • That's good to hear, I saw you around couple weeks ago, but you didn't know my new character so you didnt recognize me lol. I could be better, things took a turn for the worst for me last week that kinda put me in the hospital, but I would say I'm alright now.

    • as long as you're alright it's all good ^^ hmm what's your ign now?

  • hi me problem not login me why ?

    • Can you send me a picture in a DM?

  • Congratulation on becoming a Mod

  • hey, there is a glitch in the game and I want to know if u are one of the game manager to get some body to do some thing about it

    • What glitch? can you explain?

    • well, when u are on the kind of vechicle transporter u have and u decide to change channels, and ur still on the vehicle,the option controller for it gets glitched on the screen after u change channels and ur still on the vehicle can't remember its name

  • Hi kazchar012,

    I would just like to turn your attention to this thread: https://forum.dbo.global/index…&postID=130441#post130441

    The game currently is down and everyone is experiencing this issue. It will be fixed later today/tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, I was also looking forward to playing myself.

  • are u JgokuD r, or soemting?

  • Hey I was looking to join TFS