giant/legendary saiyan race.. :<(others too)

  • I just.. want.. my... BROLY!!!! though playing as a giant person would be fun too. yes I'm bad at suggestions


    2: Make whitestones drop from monsters
    3: Survey system to get free cash points, or some random holiday event where all players can have chance at getting free points
    4: more dragon ball wishes, make it like a lotto or something, choices being, super saiyan, random weapon, random armor, random accessory
    55% superior items, 30% excellent, 10% rare, 5% legendary, making the items better than normal ones, and a secret skill for each class(not shown/cant view on skill tree) for when their 70 or something with their tier 56151563 dragon ballz with a 50/50 chance to get or not, if fail you gain something.. maybe full reset skill book?(bind)

    5+ 6: more... DOGI'S! I would love to have a super saiyan 3 hair dogi :(, and make a slot for a aura dogi or sumthing.. I WANT TO GLOW WITH KI!

    I would have more suggestions but I'm pretty tired, what you guys think? :saint:

  • A legendary ssj race would be to powerful I mean freaking broly was born with a powerlevel of 10000 probably even stronger then bardock and vegetas lame a*s dad aswell as a baby imagine them as a fully grown kid

  • dunno.. I cant think of any smart ways a LSS race could be put in, tooooooo tired. would love to have it though lol

    Well the thing is Legendary SSJ isnt even canon and Saiyan pretty much are extinct in age 1000 not counting human since they only have like 0.001% blood and you can play as Giant Character by simply using the MRPOPO app which lets u transform your char into any transformation that is in the game (client sided) ( and yes u dont gain anything from this just cosmetic looks but it still lets u become giant :P).

  • 1.Body size increasing item sounds better
    2.And ya white stones should be mob drop but it should only be from TMQ and UD bosses..
    3.No surveys.. but events to win points sounds good
    4.if you make the DB wishes like the lotto it wouldn't be a 'wish' in the first place would it ?
    5.More accessories will be great like extra dogi items,tail for MA class and such things..

  • I think he means more of a size customization option for characters so he can make a Broly-esque character.

    Also, I think it would be possible to cosmetically change how you look during transformations while certain dogi's are active without changing any of the skills or adding new ones. This way, you get to be what you want to look like without having balance be completely broken by adding more forms with more stats.

  • Clear no to the dragonball lottery. That completely ruins the point of dragonballs. Dragonballs have always been orbs that grant you a wish when you get them. Making it random is just the dumbest idea any person could ever come up with. It's also makes it really boring to gather them because you might spend weeks gathering dragonballs to get a dumb hp potion instead of your transformation for the 200th time. Why would you want that anyway?

    I'm also somewhat against earning cash points. I think of them as reward for helping the server stay afloat. Giving them away for free would kind of ruin that meaning.

    Whitestones could drop from monsters, but then only from bossmonsters in instances like TMQ and so on. They shouldn't drop easily.

    And no, no more playable races. Broly does not exist and he should never exist in this game. This game is perfectly canon and it shouldn't stray too far away from it by introducing dumb fandom characters. SSJ3 hair is a big stretch already but i could see things like that happen.

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