Things you would like changed from Retail

  • I would love to see the skills actually "grow" with you when you give them SP.. Like Fighters "Big Bang" that gets bigger range everytime you level it up!
    I think its stupid that you put 5 or more SP in some areal skills and get no bigger range or a litte less cooldown. Like "Solid Bleed" from "Spirit"tree 8 SP and still 8 M radius.. While you get 2 more meter radius if you put 7 SP in "Poison Bleed"..

  • being able to creat none fat majin male
    that would be awesome
    like him…r-buu-vs-darkseid-730407/
    Also in budokai Short break before final match in budokai
    In both solo and team budokai, in the semi finals, the second team to fight (and win) is at a disadvantage because there is zero time to change gears, mark opponents for the next fight, talk about strategy, or anything. There is also a smaller disadvantage for the other winning team because they often wont know who will win until they actually win and have no time after that before the final match. I would suggest, if possible, there be a small break between the final 2 matches. Even 1 or 2 minutes would help a lot. Even 30 seconds just to change gear. Especially in solo this would be a big help. I'd like to hear other's opinions on this. Esp people who've played in budokai often.
    and it's would be cool if the 2 losers in semis figth for the third place (of course with time to change gear too )

  • Another thing i would like to see changed is fly.. Your AP bar was always 450, no matter if you were lvl 1 or 70! Why not make it grow too? Lvl 1 could be 200 AP and then every Level you gain, you gain 10 AP more. So when you hit lvl 70 you will have around 890 AP! Thats more then enough i think!
    I would also like to see the AP dain changed.. if i remember right it was always 3 AP no matter if you flew slow, normal or max. Why not make it: slow 1 AP, normal 3 AP and max 5 AP! Refill should go up to 10 AP per second. Just an idea..
    And no lvl 30 Flying Quests should not be changed.. No need to have fly already at lvl 1, atleast not without using a "fly scroll"..

  • Thanks MS.. Here goes next.. Crafting..
    Crafting was not to good too! It was possible that you didn't get exp even if you successfully crafted and where useing the correct lvl recipes! I think if you use the right recipes and have success you should get exp, and not only by 80% chance! Also the last levels of crafting was just annoying! Wasting almost far over 400kk Zeni to get to max. crafting level sucks! Maybe you could lower the exp needed for each level up around 15% together with 100% exp chance if successfully crafting an item it would be much more fun!

    Oh yes, another think about flying.. why not make a, lets say Lv 50 Quest that lets you learn max. speed fly? I think it should be possible for you guys. This would make 50 to 55 maps go by a lot faster..And the "give us high speed flying" Fans would be happy..
    Again just ideas..

  • So, i think this is the last thing that bothered me.. Auction house!
    I still don't understand why it was possible to sell stuff that you could by from NPC for less than 1000 Zeni and sell it in Auction house for 999kk Zeni! I know it's an auction house, but this was just BS! I know a lot of people who left the game because of this, even cashers.. Especially the TW Servers were ridiculously overpriced..
    Why not make a cap atleast for stuff you could buy in-game from NPC.. Let's say buy for 1000 you can sell for max 100.000 Zeni. Upgraded stuff need to be seen from a different angle.. Maybe you can cap auction house on 500kk instead of 999kk Zeni..
    Anyways just ideas! Nobody will die if you don't like it..

  • You got me wrong there.. I'm not mad.. And the NPC thing was just an example.. Of course i buy from NPC! I still think selling useless stuff for 999kk just because some people wanna raise the prices and hoping for somebody buying - like the "sellable dragonballs" with was just an item for crafting is crap, but again if you don't wanna change it its ok! It's auction house after all.. No hard feelings there from my side. You develop so you deside!

  • Yes for e.x. this: "sellable dragonballs" with was just an item for crafting.. and others..
    Also i think it would be nice if you could search for stuff that a single player sells in AH! Don't remember if this was possible..

  • Another bad thing was the binds effect on kraken and cell-x drops. When you picked them up they were automatically bound and you couldn't sell them in any way (unbind coins didn't work). The only way was to invite the buyer to your party, let him pay outside the dungeon and then let him loot the item.

    This was really annoying both for the buyer, who always risked to get scammed, and for the seller (and his party) who had to wait until found an hypothetical buyer before continuing to spam the dungeon. Not to mention that you had to find a party of trustable people because there was always someone who tried to steal the drops.

    Maybe you can keep the binds effect but as it was on every other item (binds when equipped), binds on looting didn't make any sense for me

  • im probbably wasting my time but im gonna go for it anyway.

    I was just comparing fighters to swords. Fighters have so much more. They have better single target dps, better AoE dps(honestly! flash slash is a joke!) Better buffs, better tech. I mean thunder is OP as shyt. Only thing swords got is glaring slash and RP buff imo. Comparing SS(sword slash) and MSS(Multi sword slash) to HSN and SHSN is a joke. Sure MSS gets a knockdown but who wouldnt rather be critting people to the ends of earth instead?

    Honestly! The first sword slash doesnt even get looked at. why is it even in the game?

    352 Physical Damage (+50% from behind)
    160% Physical Damage (+50% from behind)

    compared to HSN

    471% Damage (+50% crit damage from behind)

    swords dont get something to fit thier crit kit but these fighters sure can.I just think the sword tree needs to be looked at again. what do my other sword brothas think?

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