Cash Shop\Wagu Machine Adjustments YOU would like to see!

  • Its your boy Kakarot! I dont know about the rest of you but I sure am tired of seeing the same things in the wagu machine and the cash shop and well to a lesser extent the token shop. What would you guys and girls(real girls no traps) like to see added or taken out of the cash shop as well as some price adjustments that make sense. Also, how about that Wagu machine, now that we only get 1 as opposed to 4 in retail besides for more frequently changed costume items what would you like to be added or taken out. I personally would like to move up to 2 wagu machines, one for cosmetics and one for items. Token shop to a lesser extent since it can be abused but it would be nice to mix it up a little.


  • Normally "Roll and win" type machines in mmos are constantly renewed. Which means that every week or so new items like cosmetics are implemented, replaced with the previous ones. Such items are usually exclusive and you can't get them from anywhere else once they're replaced with different items, so you either have to make it in time, buy it from other players or wait till those items ever get back. That's not how it works here and quite frankly, I'd rather see wagu machine gone than abandoned like that. Business is always better if you manage it properly. That's all from me.

  • The cash shop would be fine as it is right now, IF (and that's a big if) it worked as it is supposed to work.

    Considering the game is mostly child friendly, promoting gambling seems a insanely bad move to me, but that's the only way of obtaining dogis now (don't mention buying from other players or AH, because they obtained it from wagu aswell, so your logic fails..)

    It would make sense to put back every costume normally as it was, wings - hats - dogis for 100 CP each and add special / rare dogis as wagu top prize, such as Cowboy dogi, CC Field Engineer, colosseum, etc.

    If you make wagu, you might aswell make players have a chance to obtain wagu coins for free, so how about added wagu coins as Token reward, for lets say 1000 tokens each, chances are, with 1 wagu you won't win 30 boxes, so people wouldn't be able to abuse it, and free players could use it aswell.

    But yet I share the opinion of those who feel like cash shop should be for cosmetics or minor gameplay helping items, such as XP boost, flight skill, etc

  • rolis idea for a wagu coin is asweome love it. I think it should be higher price in token but im a jerk so meh.

    I would like to add that for cash shop that lp pots and ep pots should remain,

    token shop should reduce the prices of these items so free to play folks have better access to them.

    cash shop should do as roli said allow us to buy non-rare dogis without wagu, It took me a while to get the particular cosmetic i was looking for via wagu machine and to be honest when it comes to cosmetics (non-rares)the customer should be able to pick and chose via cash shop instead of gambling.

    adding a dogi capsule could be an option for token shop. and adding a better dogi capsule cash shop with an rng chance of getting rare dogi might make it a good cash shop seller.

    when daneos gets new client i would recommend him investing in the idea of weapon skins and make it cash shop only could be a possible way to make monies

    below is aportion of an old meme I took from the meme contest I held a long time ago, its just for laughs not to be an insult to daneos or team


  • If achievement system would be in the game then making wagu coins as a reward would be awesome.

    About putting back dogis into shop separately, it would make a problem with prices in AH. making them higher.

  • First of all you guys need to make donating feel like its a win-win situation for the player regardless of the amount they donate. Roli has a point with adding direct dogi purchases, I personally don't have any issues with gambling for goodies, however when 90% of the worthy stuff rely on rng then we have a problem. And I do agree that Wagu should be made obtainable for f2p players, through blood sweat and tears, but still obtainable and exploitable by our asian fellows.

    - I would opt to keep 1 Wagu Machine IF only there was less shit loot in it. All those cheap dogis that not even a 6 year old would buy for 5 zeni should be moved from the Wagu Machine to the Token Shop for a fair amount of tokens. The only problem with having 2 wagu machines is that I feel there aren't enough Items to keep the high tier items hard to get. We also don't want cashers getting Brown Boxes every time they spend 5 wagu coins.

    - As Kote said, unless you plan on cycling old rare dogis on weekly or monthly basis, do not remove them from the Wagu when new ones are added.

    - Revamp Cash Shop Sections. ie. "Consumables" section is just Pet Food?, at least think on a better name for it. "Limited" section for instance isn't so limited when it's been around before I even joined the server.

    - Remove Chest and Keys from Cash Shop (combination packages included).

    - Reduce Prices on CC Coupons by at least 50%.

    - Reduce price on Name Change and Gender Change from 299 to 250 like the Kid Clock.

    - Reduce Prices on vehicles by at least 50%, vehicles were cool, when the cap was LVL30. Heck I'd even put most of them in Token Shop!

    If the crabgrass isn't cut at its roots it will keep growing back.