New Client Change Log and Ideas

  • Pretty good ideas but why has no one ever said that we only have, and will have like 3 decent spots to farm at lvl 70? A game with near 0 population and still get to have problems to farm, on every channel on every spot.

    • Why does this game have mobs so dispersed? forcing people to fight to dead for one single spot. There are so many kind of mobs with p. and e. attack that you would be able to choose a part of the map and farm. But you can't, you need to always go to the same repetitive place where there is always the same people flaming and raging. I've seen guilds coming to a single spot, to fight with someone else.
    • And not only there are few spots with crowded mobs, but there are even less spots with a MERCHANT. There is literally only one merchant close to a decent spot in Papaya and ya'll know which is. Doesn't matter if you have 10 z32's you'll need to go back to a merchant every 4 waves of mobs. IF NOT, you are constantly losing good drops and wasting time.
    • The pet skill to sell items is just bullshit, you have a bag with 32 items and you can sell like 12. Wow. And not talking about pet skills and how useless they are, people doesn't even care for leveling them.
    • We also need a way to organize items (there is one already and doesn't work)
    • We need a way to sell and identify items faster than making 100 clicks
    • We need a way to mark items so you can highlight them, an important item for example.
    • The auction house is said to be faster but speed wasn't the main problem, but it should have different functions. Like search for the name of a seller, and not to have only ''legendary, spiritualist (example)'' as range, but to have a lot of blank spaces to mark and make the search more precise. Currently if you write something on caps or with a single cap different to how the item is written, then you won't find that item. Also, some items have a different name on your inventory than on AH.
    • And finally, make the search of upgrade stones and craft materials better, there are a lot of retards selling U6's at the price of U60's
  • I 100% agree with the raid party system sorta of what SWTOR has that can hold like 16 people in a party.

    I'm ban in game but if daneos is really serious about taking suggestion from the community to bringing this game from dead, I can help out per se.

    If the new client can add new modes to current dungeons he could add a expert mode.

    Expert Mode to TMQs and UDs

    basically a 4th game mode to every TMQ and UD that make every dungeon a max cap level dungeon extremely hard and gives special types of drops for completing them.

    Stats on these can be change to balance out certain classes to make them better

    Example with level 70s items(These stats could be Change help bringer up classes up to par with god class like SK and ultimates)

    Expert mode UD1 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 40 dodge.
    Expert mode UD2 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 20 LP absorb not %
    Expert mode UD3 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 10% anti-critical For ONLY humans and maybe spiritual majin?
    Expert mode UD4 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 40 strength.
    Expert mode UD5 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 15 Dexterity
    Expert mode UD6 could drop items like gloves, staffs, and subs and give bonus effects of like 15 Con,Focus, and 10 RP(the stats that make your RP go up faster when charging)

    Expert mode TMQ1 drop 1 piece that would have to correspond to TMQ2 and 3 to get the bonus effect
    Example TMQ1 would only drop boots. TMQ2 would only drop pants, and TMQ3 would only drop jackets. the same can work for TMQ4,5,6 and 7.

    TMQ1 Boots
    TMQ2 pants=====[bonus effect for wear these 3 pieces]======= Whatever the community decides
    TMQ3 Jacket
    TMQ4 gloves,staffs
    TMQ4 gloves,staff
    TMQ5 jacket
    TMQ6 pants=====[Bonus effect for wearing these 4 pieces]======== Whatever the community decides
    TMQ7 boots
    Drop rate could be shitty like BID4(Kraken) and Cellx

    The purpose of this mode is to make PVE more funnier and bring back alive dead content from UDs instead of just spamming same thing over and over again like crafting, CCBD, and Tmq5,6, and 7.These are just examples of what the Expert mode Dungeons can give if implemented.

    for the lols add ssj 2 :D

  • - Property System

    Property will be added to the character itself instead of equipment.

    Weapon property will be changed to "offensive property" and armor property to "defensive property".

    Why not completely remove the Attribute system in PvP? In my honest opinion the 10% boost is too busted for something that the player has almost no control over. Furthermore, some classes are already locked into certain props due to their CC ring sets, which then always sets them at a disadvantage against others.

    Take Turtle, for instance; in a 1v1 PvP match they almost always have to use Wild-attribute on their weapons to reach their maximum potential. However, since they're already locked into Wild-attribute it allows everyone else to use an Honest-attribute jacket. (gaining 10 properties for doing nothing)

    Alternatively, if that isn't possible you could always create the option to pick your attribute on CC rings. For example, if I create a Focus ring it won't preset to Wild-attribute instead I could choose from all 5 attributes.

    Tankers already have this option, they can choose from Elegant or Funny on their CON rings. :D

  • Did you spend those 8 months thinking about these ideas? it's not very exciting what you've done, you have more ideas than things done.

    I mean ... does not it seem very "real" what you've been doing all this time? just asking, JUST ASKING.

    Exact, 8 months thinking about these ideas, and ideas that every mmorpg has. for you Daneos in those 8 months have not put at least half of it.

  • change the dates of budokai, many people work all week and only can play on saturday afternoon and sunday, this people always lost all events.


    budokai solo (kid), budokai solo, party budokai kid.

    those changes are not difficult to make.

    that would be nice, kid budokai is really impossible for example and also both adult solo budokai in almost same time i think that the reason for having 2 adult budokai is for change hours ... so anyone could participate :) I aggre I think that GM should think about it

  • Attribute system was made to be like rock paper scissors, so i agree with you.

    Like daneos said attributes would be on character itself instead of gear and thats a good idea, make an item that make you choose/change which attribute you use. And attribute is choosed also when you create a character.

    So change attributes to give passive buffs instead of props, for example:

    wild attribute gives boost to p. Damage, critical.

    Elegent e. Damage, e. Critical.

    Funny and strange maybe resistance and defense.

    Honest gives attack speed, move speed.

  • Yup, it is indeed better if the property give some kind of stats bonus.

    Balancing with the property system is pain in the ass and nearly impossible to get anything decent out of it since you have to keep PVM and every possible mix of attributes in mind.

    New idea added:

    - Character Stats

    Remove DOT defense stats for players. (Keep on monsters).

    Add Physical/Energy/State(Energy+Physical) Armor Penetration. (Good for swordsman in case property system gets changed)

  • I will argue about this...

    Basically in most of the PvP videos you can find you will see people manually change their boots into RP charge, %speed, etc... and that basically takes a "skill" that stops you from being able to click elsewhere, you have to time it right to gain an advantage, and if you mess it up you will put yourself at disadvantage.

    Sure, granting this change would be useful and help players who aren't "good enough" to do it manually, but that will basically be just like adding respawn timers on League of Legends, good players used to do it manually already, but afterwards anyone could do it, and so it virtually removed this little advantage that players who can manage this had.

  • If there is no multiclient anymore, plasma majin should be buffed drastically. His skills are too small, low range, literally 0 dmg, not 1 good passive skill thay makes a point in playing plasma. Since he should be a nuker, instead of changing anything just add a masterclass pasive which gives +100% aoe range, + 10-15m aoe distance, + extra crit chances on aoes or just increase the damages of rhytmics. Change dex buff into focus. Insteade of buffing every aoe just make the passive one buff all

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