New Client Change Log and Ideas

  • Hello,

    in this thread, Im going to post the changes made to the new client (which will be released soon) and ideas that I have.

    This thread might not be updated too frequently.

    Changes that have been made:

    - Discord Integration

    Discord is fully integrated within our new client. In the options you can decide if you want to enable/disable this function.

    - Item Decompensation

    You can now decompensate items straight from the inventory.

    - Weight Limit

    The weight limit function has been removed as it has no real function.

    - Title System

    A new interface has been created for the character titles and can be accessed from the character window (c).

    - Auction House

    The auction house is now fully working and is a lot faster.

    - Cash Shop

    The cash shop is fully working and a lot faster.

    The slot machines (wagu machine) has been removed and will only be available for events.

    - Netpy Shop & Netpy Coins

    The netpy shop & netpy coins are removed. You will no longer receive netpy coins for staying online.

    - Character Stats

    View all your character stats in the character window(c).

    - Anti Bot System

    Anti botting system has been created which is running in the background. No type of captcha is required.

    More changes have been made but just minor ones.

    Ideas to be created/changed:

    - Daily Login reward.

    You will be able to spin a wheel once a day and get a random reward.

    - Achievement System

    Receive unique rewards like titles and costumes or other items.

    - Friend System

    You will no longer be able to add people as friends. The target player will be able to decide if he wants to have you as a friend or not.

    - In-Game Report System

    You will be able to report players straight from in-game by clicking on they names.

    - NPC-Shop

    You will be able to buy items from NPC that you've been sold before. This is to help people which accidently sell an item that they didn't mean to sell.

    - Sub-Gear System

    You will be able to equip 2 sets of equipment and switch them with 1 button click. This is optimal for PVM/PVP or Energy/Physical equipment.

    - Raid Group

    Create raid groups. Optimal for the dragon ball scramble event.

    - More Options

    Options like audio-output, enable/disable notifications like upgrade announcement, show/hide ping/FPS, ...

    - Upgrade System

    A completly new upgrade system. More rewarding for people that spent time farming.

    - Ranking System

    Create a proper ranking system and an option to create non-ranking matches with friends.

    Create a limit of ranking matches per day.

    - Dungeons/PVM

    Balance Dungeons. Make boss fights "harder" to require team play & skill usage.

    Create a limit of dungeon runs, but not per day. Example 1 CCBD per hour (timer begins after completing CCBD). Still need to think about it.

    Decrease drop rate of equipment.

    Better rewards after finishing TMQ.

    Make dungeon farming more rewarding than open world farming.

    - Item Decompensation

    Remove the possibility to decompensate items bought from a shop.

    - Multi-Client

    The possibility to run multiple game clients will be removed.

    - World Map

    Allow teleportation by clicking on registered teleporter icons. The fee to teleport will be a lot higher than teleporting from NPC.

    - Banking System

    Possibility to store Zeni in bank.

    - Chat System

    Link items/locations within the chat.

    - Demonic World Card (DWC)

    A new dungeon system where you can kill bosses and receive cards. It still has to be decided what you can do with the cards.

    - Equipment Level

    Each equipment will have its own level. The level will be based on the equipment stats.

    - Property System

    Property will be added to the character itself instead of equipment.

    Weapon property will be changed to "offensive property" and armor property to "defensive property".

    - Twitch Integration

    Make it easier for streamers.

    - Vehicle System

    Add flight to (some) vehicles.

    - Party Search/Matching

    A easy way to find/create parties for dungeons.

    - Character Stats

    Remove DOT defense stats for players. (Keep on monsters).

    Add Physical/Energy/State(Energy+Physical) Armor Penetration. (Good for swordsman in case property system gets changed)

    - Cash Shop

    Possibility for people to sell/buy cash for/with zeni. (Currency Exchange)

    Account bind all cash shop items.

    - Equipment

    Make equipment account bound.

    - Move website options like create account, buy cash, reset password to the Game Client

    Please note that everything listed within Ideas are just my ideas and it is not guaranteed that these will be made.

  • Sounds legit but i still miss bank share between characters on the same account - yardat key

    Players should be able to share their equip between characters is ridiculous when u need make new accessories for every new character especially when it cost most of boxes and time is enough that u need buy new weapons/armors for other class.

    When player will get bored of his class he will just quit or try sell/trade his acc over starting again from 0

    Change character bound to Account bound.

  • Hi Daneos.

    The list is looking very good!
    Although I'm just a random nobody, I want to give you the praise and thanks that you truly deserve.
    With everything going on lately, it is my impression that everyone forgets, that was it not for you, none of us would even be able to play the game that we all share and love.
    I will admit though, that I personally feel that things could/should have been handled a bit better. Some words from you from time to time would go a long way, you know ;-)
    Anyhow, keep up the good work, and don't lose faith in the project that you yourself birthed, cared for and raised!

    P.S. I hope that you will look through my thread: Comprehensive Suggestions, Balancing and Bug Findings List -- I personally think that many of my ideas and suggestions would benefit the game, with the new and upcoming client you are working on.

  • Remove the option of multiple clients, it is not a good option, maybe limit it to 2 or 3...

  • Is so nice, I'm only disagree with the nepty because is useful in low levels and multiaccount that is nice for farm and lvl other chars.

    Characters 1.0

    18_small.png Zindel (Lvl 60)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 60)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 60)

    22_small.png SabitaBoo (Lvl 60)

    14_small.png Pamaor (Lvl 60)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 60)

    6_small.png SabiBoo (Lvl 29)

    17_small.png ???????? (Lvl 60)

    Characters 2.0 (Test)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 70)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 70)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 51)

  • Reading this, combined with a wipe it could be sooooooo much better xD

    These changes yell for a wipe.....but well. Y'all gonna see in time why wipe is needed.

    About the using skills in Dungeon part, cap atk speed so low it's not really worth it anymore. I mean ppl could still use it but it won't be OP anymore. Turn Poko/Karma speed buffs into self buff! Together with fighters they would be the only ones to have speed buff. Then rework the strong mobs (boss/ultra etc.) in Dungeons so ppl can take them down with class skills instead of no brain atk speed. By doing this + some more balance to all classes, every single class could go into dungeons since atk speed won't be too important anymore!

    Anti Bot sounds nice. But gotta make sure duplicating won't happen again! This ruins the game.

    Rest of the Ideas sound nice, Not sure if everything is possible tho,,..

    This is a Signature. Thanks for reading.

    You learned nothing.

    Wasted your time.

    Also thanks for reading all the way

    down here.

    Enjoy the emoticon.


    *got f*cked hard by Upgrading on July 8th 2018*


  • These ideas are exemplary and fitting, but the real concern is time and your capability to execute them. How long would it take to implement at least one of those ideas, knowing that preparing the client alone took a tremendous amount of time? Other than that, you basically mentioned the most relevant things this game requires. Eventually it will feel more like a modern mmorpg if at least some of those ideas come true, which only time will reveal. To be continued I guess.

    Those who don't like the idea of disabling multi clients, I suggest you to go and play some singleplayer rpg games, there's plenty of them. Mmorpg doesn't stand for "Massive multi client solo gameplay" to play with multiple versions of yourself and go through content that was specifically designed for groups on your own. Like it or not, cooperation in mmorpg genre isn't just a mere possibility, but a necessity whenever major group content is concerned. Don't forget what genre this game is.


  • Hi I would like to make a suggestion.Make transformations last while we log out or change channel. There is no point losing the transformations

    Or reduce the cooldown.

    I am sure that you can make the game better, keep rocking.

    Yes fk, if not people is forced to play straight for 1 hour or to be afk just to get the cd.

    Edit: You can also get disconnected 1 minute after using the skill, or some TMQ's force you to, or not finding a spot to farm in the channel you used your transformation.

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