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  • *This Guide was not made by me, its just a repost from and old guide made by @Brembo and @Vegeta Both Great fighters from the old TW SV. its a great guide on how to gear and build a fighter, so always good to share ! All the credits goes to them, kudos on the guide !


    Below I will detail the different gear you need to be a successful and good fighter in an attempt to stop the constant threads asking the same question. Anything in BOLD is a necessity. if you want to be pro then almost everything in the below list is basically necessary.

    Necklace: Resistance, Success, AntiBleed of 57%+, Anti Stun.

    Earrings: Dex, Cooldown. Props.

    Rings: 17 Focus x 2, 20 Con x2(The Cell X Con rings that come with 54 Resistance each), 17 Dex x 2, Dex prop combo rings, 25% Anti Bleed, Anti Stun, 56% Resistance.

    The reasoning for 57% neck and 25% ring is because 82% anti bleed, means you take 0 bleed damage from a bold strike from a SK, you only take damage from the attack itself.

    Jacket: Dex Crafted lvl 70, TMQ7 Dex E.DEF. CON Crafted lvl 70, CC110 Jacket Dex.

    Pants: CON Crafted lvl 70, TMQ7 CON E.DEF, Focus Crafted lvl 70, CC110 Pants Con.

    Boots: Dex Crafted lvl 70, Con Crafted lvl 70, TMQ7 Dex E.DEF, CC110 Boots Dex, TMQ7 Movement Speed E.DEF. RP Boots Crafted lvl 70, Movement Speed Crafted lvl 70.

    *CC110 gear is purely for use vs MA. Highest physical defence armour in game if you are MA and has a sexy 17 cooldown bonus for the full set. Very useful. This is hard to obtain. If you can't obtain it then it is far from the end of the world. Don't worry.*

    Gloves: Focus, Crit Rate, Crit %, Attack Speed. Try to get attack speed gloves with 1100 Attack Speed delay. They are faster than 1160 or 1220.

    Sub Weapon: Crit %, Attack Speed, Hit Rate.

    It actually makes more sense to have Crit Rate on sub weapon instead of gloves because if you wanted to use crit rate against fighters you can still have 34 focus on your gloves if your pole is crit rate, where as the other way around max hit rate on a pole is 266. You can't get focus. So you obviously get more hit rate and more success rate this way. Most of the time you will be full hit rate vs fighter depending on how much CON they stack.

    Dogi: Con, Resistance, Movement Speed
    Hat: Crit %, Attack Speed. (You wont need attack speed hat in PVP if your 2 weapons come to 50% speed or more, In PVE you will need a hat still to achieve 99% + Attack speed after Karma and Poko speed buffs.
    Halo: Dex, Crit Rate, Hit Rate.
    Glasses: Focus, Cooldown, Success Rate.
    Backpack: Strength.

    If you wear cooldown earrings over DEX you miss out on a lot of a dodge and resistance. I recommed switching accessories a lot during fights against certain classes.

    Also remember that once you activate an ability the cooldown is calculated based on the accessories worn at the time the ability was used. So for instance if you activate SSJ while wearing cooldown gear and then switch to DEX earrings after you activate the ability, your cooldown will NOT be affected, in other words it will not increase to the amount it should be based upon wearing no cooldown accessories.

    I always wear full cooldown before activating my Dragon Buffs and then equip my main accessories after activating them all.

    OK, I am going to edit this post and provide some information about the maximum amount of stats you can get on gear.

    Max Stats On Gear

    Legendary Necklace lvl 70: 133 Resistance, 266 Success Rate, 66% Anti Bleed, 66%Anti Stun, etc.

    Legendary Earrings lvl 70: 34 Dex, 34 Strength, 34 Energy etc. 26 Cooldown, 13 Props.
    Rare Earrings lvl 70: 28 Dex, 28 Strength, 28 Energy etc. 21 Cooldown, 10 Props.

    Rings are always fixed stats, only thing to mention is that the BID 4 Focus rings are the better choice on a fighter because they come with 17 FOC and 30 Hit rate, where as the Cell X ones come with just 17 FOC, they also have 17 Strength which is useless vs other fighters.

    Lvl 70 Crafted Rare: 28 Dex, 28 Con, 28 Foc, 33% Anti Crit, 21% LP Regen.
    TMQ7 Lvl 58 Legendary: 28 Dex, 28 Con, 28 Foc, 33% Anti Crit, 22% LP Regen.
    CC110 Lvl 70 Legendary: 34 Dex, 34 Con, 34 Foc, 39% Anti Crit, 26% LP Regen.

    Lvl 70 Crafted Rare: 28 Con, 28 Foc, 21% LP Regen.
    TMQ7 Lvl 58 Legendary: 28 Con, 28 Foc, 22% LP Regen.
    CC110 Lvl 70 Legendary: 34 Con, 34 Foc, 26% LP Regen.

    Lvl 70 Crafted Rare: 28 Dex, 28 Con, 21% Movement Speed, 10 RP.
    TMQ7 Lvl 58 Legendary: 28 Dex, 28 Con, 21% Movement Speed, 10 RP.
    CC110 Lvl 70 Legendary: 34 Dex, 34 Con, 26% Movement Speed, 13 RP.

    *E.DEF Movement Speed boots can be useful against turtles, Crafted Movement Speed boots are useful in scramble.

    LVL 70 Legendary: 34 Focus, 33 Crit % Damage, 13 Crit Rate, 26% Attack Speed.

    Sub Weapon: 33 Crit % Damage, 26% Attack Speed, 13 Crit Rate, 266 Hit Rate.

    Useful Dogi Effects For A Fighter (Only from Excellent standard Dogi Balls)

    Remember Rare or Legendary Dogi Effects give higher stats. I have not listed these because I don't know what enough of the max stats are on the them, and also because you cant really get them at the moment anyway.

    Dogi: 10 Con, 7% LP Regen, 7% Movement Speed (I think), 37-39 Resistance not 100% sure.
    Hat: 7% Attack Speed, 9% Physical Crit Damage.
    Glasses: 10 Focus, 7 Cooldowm, 75 Success Rate (Not 100% sure, but its going to be extremely close to 75)
    Halo: 10 Dex, 3 Physical Crit Rate, Hit Rate I can't remember.
    Backpack: 10 Strength.

    * * * Continue Guide on comments


    OK now builds are very important if you want to be effective in pvp or pve.


    * * Build * *

    whilst Spirited Roar increases physical damage it also deals more crit damage than might but the 30% energy defense loss is a kick in the balls so try to use might in your builds also, you can only use one of these buffs at a time. resistance is a fighters must have quality. dex=resistance, use the guard passive especially now Dodge pot is never used. maybe move 2 points from swiftness into kame for a KD ability


    * * Build * *

    Kaioken is good here for when Thunder is on cooldown as the extra Melee damage given goes great with your speed gear and blitz fist, NOW blitz fist is only to be used if you plan on autoattking when thunder is on cd , 26%26% are max speed on weapons currently which totals 52% .. thunder gives 50% speed boost and its capped at 100% so you can have the max stats so 26,26,13(hat)50(thunder) 20(blitz fist) thats 135% which is 35% too much , so if you only plan on using speed when thunder is available then dont use BLITZ FIST put points into guard and whatever else you want. i had 10% speed hat, 26% gloves and a 17% speed stick with the 50% thunder gives thats the max you need. if you dont have high speed weapons or effects then use blitz fist still.


    A speed build is basiclly a crit and speed "hybrid" as you have Spirited Roar maxed and your needles maxed, but you lose the extra attack such as WFF due to lack of points

    Pvp speed/crit build with KD
    Strong energy barrage for multiple KD

    * * Build * *


    First thing to remember is that if you want a GOOD speed build then you MUST use speed, speed is a good pvp/pve build. so the builds below with big bang ect are just builds for people who love using moves such as that ect they are not to be used if your after some serious pve

    * * Build * *

    This is a good one for pve , mostly for partys for questing and grinding ect, this doesnt have thunder in it due to the points being used in Big Bang and Final Flash. it has points in kaioken because if your in a party you can be buffed and maintain it easily.

    * * Build * *

    This one includes the Super Ghost move, its fun to use and this builds still has Final Flash and Big Bang so its a dbz fan favourite. its more of an AOE build so if you like acting like a turtle then this is for you

    Fighters are a great class to play a good build is a key element to getting 100% out of your char.
    Builds are pretty easy to use and work. as long as you have the key elements that has stayed in every single build i have used the putting a few points from other moves such as Wolf Fang Fist, Spirited roar, Might, Kaioken ect ect and moving them elsewhere wont make much of a difference so just figure out your own style of playing using these builds and when you have reached max level and know the fighter class a lot better you can create your own

    On level 70 Legendary weapons the highest amount of attack speed you can get is 26%.

    You are unlikely to be successful based upon a build purely centered around attack speed. However for your interest, The maximum cooldown on thunder without RP is 1 Minute and 12 seconds, with RP this reduces to I think 42 seconds, however I will have to check. This requires the cooldown cap of 100 Cooldown or 70%. 1 cooldown = 0.7%.

    In terms of PVP, no1 will ever be stupid enough to stand there and take a thunder after your kidney shot stun has worn off. So for this reasoning alone. There is absolutely no reason to have more than 2/5 points in thunder for PVP purposes.

    Assuming you have more than 50% attack speed form your 2 weapons combined then there is no use for blitz fist as the cap for speed is 100%. Blitz fist only allows you to have 100% with the use of a dodge pot which now has a 30 minute cooldown, as Dodge Pot reduces attack speed by I think 15%.

    You need a variety of accessories, Resistance Neck, Success Neck, Anti Bleed Neck, Dex Earrings, Con Rings, Focus Rings, Anti Bleed ring are a must. There are other useful accessories I highly recommend, but those ones are a MUST.

    As for Gloves you need different sets too.

    You will fail in PVP with a purely speed build, you have to have the ability to use crit and speed.


  • Why Kaioken on Crit and Hybrid build? idk but i think nobody is going to use kaioken on a budokai tournament

    Kaio increases crit rate and crit dmg meaning if you will crit higher and more often. Its usefull for everything. Kaio its used in budokai, scramble, dojo, and lots of instances of PvP. You are not going to be able to spam it, so you have to know when to use it.

  • As a PVP Build I feel like this would work better.

    your basic pvp build - using debuffs instead of speed - why upgrade the movement speed to 5 when your going to be focussing on crits and not speed ? Better to put those 5 into WFF or another attack as you only have your needles to try and KO enemy . , WFF deals heavy damage so it's good to have as a back up especially against Tanks whilst your needles and stuns recharge

  • Is it possible to play a fighter but still have strong ki attacks like Big Bang or Final Flash? Spiritualist is nice but i dont like the idea of not being able to melee. I could be wrong but based on what ive been looking up those are not the ideal skills to get as a fighter it seems but i would definitely like to be able to have some ki attacks instead of just being strictly physical. Are there any builds that can work or is it something that just is not viable at all?

  • Is it possible to play a fighter but still have strong ki attacks like Big Bang or Final Flash? Spiritualist is nice but i dont like the idea of not being able to melee. I could be wrong but based on what ive been looking up those are not the ideal skills to get as a fighter it seems but i would definitely like to be able to have some ki attacks instead of just being strictly physical. Are there any builds that can work or is it something that just is not viable at all?

    Hi Jolen , the big bang and final flash are cool but lo damage and long cast times. The problem is that your main damage is all M Attk and not E Attk . So you need M Attack equip to deal your main damage . If you don't want to do any serious PVE or PVP then sure use big bang ect but if you want to be taken seriously then you should not use them . I was the same when I first created a Fighter but I soon forgot about using energy attacks

  • Quote from Sianth

    This is the Build i Plan to Use Its sort of a Hybrid Build for me does anyone have any suggestions to improve it i wanna keep Kaioken / Thunder/ Big Bang Attack For Aoe / Both Stuns Maxed
    Thx in Advance biggrin.png…0435001151144401114520200

    It only made a small reform, which becomes the Swiftness, as characterizes the fighter dodges. Anyway that's not my style build, but respect your preferences skills.

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