Things you would like changed from Retail

  • After having spent decent time in the game, I would definitely say that combat should feel quicker. I can see why some people think grinding is slow, even the non-cast time attacks seem to move slowly. It feels like the speed of Runescape battling, and when you're talking freaking DBZ, I think it should be a bit faster paced. But that's just my opinion :thumbup:

  • I think skills in game (old game) were pretty balanced exept for something like thunder for fighters meh but i'd never nerf it because it's a fighter feature. The only things that were not balanced, such as upgrades, the difference between cash and non cash players, I'd say it's better if cash players can only get cosmetics and the rest of the items are 100% obtainable in game such as white stones, bonus roll and some other thing that i forgot. The craft system, most of the players in game did not know about the efficiency of crafting. for the aura thing well it's true it was a bug that it stay forever but it's true that if you remove the title because it was just a title you could lose it. i THINK there should be insert the date of when you won the aura and keep it for ever.

  • Also I never quite got how shenron could grant you super saiyan, I know that the humans that can get super saiyan only have a little saiyan blood within them, but maybe they could be able to achieve it on their own, the wish option still being available? Same goes for Namekians and Majins.

  • This comment I found on a blade and soul video pretty much somes this game in retail.
    "Most video game have repetitive combat. You usually use your most powerful abilities over and over again. The problem with the new generation of MMO is that your character is basically only good at doing one thing. The same thing. Over and over again. It also often more about luck and you gear rather than pure skill and knowledge of every class. I mean there`s 8 class in the game lmao. We`re far from the 45 class of DaoC.

    In UO you had a mage book with over 60 spell. Of course you did not use all these spell during combat, but each spell was worth something. Your character was not locked into the same pattern. You also could be anything else. Being a simple warrior was fun.

    In DaoC you had positional and reactive combat abilities, realm abilities, artifact abilities. Daoc combat seem to be boring and slow for the untrained eyes. Unless you truly experienced it yourself. It was fast paced and strategic. A wizard could 3 -4 shot you in less than 6 sec. Yet all it took was to interrupt him. W wiz send a bolt of fire toward a shield wearing tank ? Engage him and take half the damage etc.

    Now you watch all these new mmo with shiny cool looking abilities, but it shallow when you play it. You realize how much limited the gameplay is. Because you`re stunlocked into the limitation of the gameplay mechanic.

    The thing is. These old game you actually had to prepare and manage yourself. That how you were successful in pvp. Now these game are all about spaming your most powerful abilities more often than he does. MMo are too much casual today. Too easy too learn and too fast to get bored with.."

  • No limits for Great Namek transformations, let the limits to transformation pots. Infinite AP seems good too, why do we need to have a limit time to fly?

    Let transformations 20 minutes if minim cd, cuz of budokai fights, it will be good if we are able to use 1 time per enemy, but not all rounds of each enemy.

    Limit cd redution to 70% or less.

    support this 90%. if great namek have no limits same goes for other transformations. I.E Ep depletion and what not

  • Anyone else think rp should build up over time from using attacks? Like budokai tenkaichi when you fought - your energy would build up over time allowing for transformations, ultimate moves, whatever. But in this case this is for cool downs, damage boost, etc.

    Youre still able to charge your rp but it's also able to build up through attacks as well.

  • .For Transformation:
    Real nice Idea, the cooldown sound very good and i want to sugges for great namek should work like SSJ or Kid Boo with EP

    Personaly i dont like unlimited AP because each player could fly to every spot on the map without a risk. Maybe unlimited AP for high Level Char >60 above eg.


  • Yeah as Nady said .. this damned upgrade system is out of range ... with 60 yes 60 !!! purple stones i was not able to upgrade more than +8 .. INSANE

  • - changes to the balancing system:

    in old dbo:

    namekians were very OP in as well being tanks and still deal tons of dammage with the bleeds for example.
    fighters and swordsman were raw dps but in taking hits it was like trying to cut trough butter, unless with the fighter pots = too op in dodging attacks so if it wil be re-added make it have a less OP buff.
    spiritualists were just too op in pvp with their infinite cc and spamming abilities of energy attacks.
    the majins were the ones that were the only decent ones (with the attack speed cap on karma majin).

    in DBOG:

    perhaps as some others suggested would be the fact to make your own choosing in how your character should be with giving stat points to increase your raw stats at your own choosing (raw stats = no other buffs included such as gear stats and item buffs). this would be with a certain cap on the raw stats wich will depend on your level so that you don't have over 9000 strength for example.

    To get some variaty in choosing the classes there would be a small buff towards their orginial role in the game.

    warrior type namekian: +20% con +10% dammage red and crit def +5% resistance
    dragon clan: +20% sol +10% eng and healing rate (lp/ep) +5% con
    martial artist: +20% str +10% dex and foc +5% critical chance
    spiritualist: +20% eng +10% foc and sol +5% foc
    mighty majin: +20% foc +10% con and str +5% healing rating (ep/lp)
    wonder majin: +20% eng +10% attk speed and foc +5% foc and con

    if this will be implemented, perhaps allso add certain solo class quests to get some extra stat points and/or even skill points to further improve your character and reward the players for playing the game.
    To get access to the class quest, you'll need a certain ticket (like the one you needed for the adult quest) and it has a very slight drop chance


    0.1 - 0.5% drop chance from mobs

    0.5 - 1% drop chance from super mobs
    1.0 - 2% drop chance from ultra mobs
    5.0 - 10% drop chance from budokai tournament first place

    you'll only be able to get raw stat points and skill points from completing class quests for a certain amount of time per character (let's say 15- 20 times or something).

    Small changes

    - new item drops :

    1) very low drop chance on skill reset books from mobs (0.001% - 0.005%) budokai winners(0-5%)
    2) skill reset book with cash points (300 for example)

    3)cosmetic equipment + dogi balls

    common 0.2%-0.3%
    uncommon 0.1%-0.2%
    rare 0.05%-0.1%
    super rare 0.002%-0.05%
    ultra rare 0.0005%-0.001%

    this should depend on the rareness and popularity of the cosmetics
    and the buffs on the dogi balls

    - flying : you get 450 AP like in old DBO at level 1, flying chain quest from old DBO with the reward to get more AP and a slight increase on your speed with the use of more AP on boosted flying.

    normal flying = no AP cost
    boosted flying = 1 AP cost per second/ +5% speed =2 AP cost per second/+10% speed =3 AP cost per second/ +15% speed = 3AP cost per second

    - dragonball hunting : normally it was 2 hours every day i believe (correct me if i'm wrong) on times when not everyone can be online. change this
    to 1 full day (saturday or sunday for example).

    - scramble event server: -make it so dragonballs are dropped from mobs with a slighter increase then the ones on non pvp servers.
    -the longer you have stayed alive in dangerous areas (outside the safe areas of cities) the more chance to get a dragonball from mobs and players.


    everything was just a thought of my personal view on how to improve the game / make it more attractable unique and new.
    all the statements of the personal wanted changes are subject to change if any of them will be overlooked.

  • I agree with everything besides the db hunt. Db hunt was fine, leave it how it was. It came on at night and the mornings. If you make it a full day it'll be toooooooooo easy to find dbs.

  • I agree with everything besides the db hunt. Db hunt was fine, leave it how it was. It came on at night and the mornings. If you make it a full day it'll be toooooooooo easy to find dbs.

    aah yes you are right, it would be too easy, and only once a day in a week would just be with too many people online at once all hunting for dragonballs, wich will make it no fun for the beginners.

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