• if evrey one start complain each time daneos start balance we won't have a blanced game and better if we keep iit as tw ( even if iin tw iit was shit )

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  • at the time when thousand slashes was nerfed sendoku supported it (even thou he most likely didnt agree with it). the nerf occured during rank matches. and no budokai, a premature nerf in my opinion.

    I supported the nerf as a staff member, and continue to support it as a staff member.

    I have found ways to win rank matches without thousand slashes against the average player,( sendoku taugh me ways of winning with his pvp videos), but that being said alot of people are noting the decline of the class.

    would thousand slashes being back to normal help this. well yes in a sense but they still will suck for budokai if everything else in the system remained as it is.

    What i will do is ask daneos to bring back thousand slashes to its glory days. if that fails

    ill try asking top cranes for other suggestions.

    my gut feeling is the team will not change its stance on thousand slashes.

    thanks fellow cranes and regards

    if you guys want to brainstorm ideas for crane to get balance feel free in here

  • The thing is, i don't even need 1k slash to beat anyone EXCEPT karma majins, but even then fighting a karma is a loss as a Crane.

    The problem is that Crane is a weak class, it has no direct form of CC unlike EVERY other classes, even healers got that super fast paralysis~

    Because of this, it just takes ONE lucky resist, or ONE misplay, and you lose.

    When i used to play Crane, my only loss were against Fighters because of resist (although i had insanely high success rate but then again resistance is just f*cked we know that already), Karma Majins (can't do anything AT ALL), and SOMETIMES swordsmaster (counter class).

    In these 3 losing matchups, you've got one based on luck, and 2 based on being counters.

    Now the thing is, if as a crane i would have just a 3second stun, i would beat anything, because once i sleep someone, it's over.

    So, balancing crane is impossible to do, just one small buff could make them broken.

    The only balancing possible is an indirect one, which is fixing fighters resistance, because Crane are supposed to be the Fighter killers, just like SKs.

    Other than that, having 2 counter is a normal thing and shouldn't be changed~

  • once U sleep someone its over doesnt necessarily apply to anyone else just like the TW turtle guy made turtles look OP which it wasnt same goes here i dont think its IMPOSSIBLE to balance this class nor any other class

    just as u said having a stun to sleep ur target is a necessity cause cranes pretty much cant do anything if u cant sleep ur target then again u shouldnt be taken as a reference for cranes just like the TW turtle wasnt taken as a reference for turtles

    u wining budokai as DW doesnt mean all DW suddenly became OP

  • Hello everyone, first of all, I would like to apologize for the bad English you will see.:whistling:

    (idea to build to level your char up to lvl 70)

    I do not have much experience with Crane, observing the tips of this great guide, I put myself to reflect a little and did a compilation, I will try to explain a little the idea that I had.

    I recently ended up with papaia with my crane that I have not used for a long time, and since there are several missions to kill many monsters, it takes time to kill little by little and hit many targets without dying.

    The purpose of this build was to make it easier for me to draw attention to multiple targets and not be destroyed quickly.

    Link, build for PVE! : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…2241110341211230540103031


    1 - attract the targets to you and when the targets are together >> Kamehameha (knock down) / Mystical Crane Typhoon / Tri Beam Cannon (knock down) ...

    2 - Use Fiery Shout to hit, when the targets are together, use Kamehameha (knock down) / Mystical Crane Typhoon / Tri Beam Cannon (knock down) ...

    3 - Fiery Shout / Dodon Barrage (take a shot while the targets are on the way) / Mystical Crane Typhoon / Tri Beam Cannon ...

    (Beware that Kamehameha affects 3M in a line of 40)

    I did not maximize some skills that require you to be level 70, as you may want to change your build when you get to level 70 and with building the way you are, you can "save" your SP first by improving your I like and also get the others you want to learn.

    as they said, "It all depends on your style of play."

    I say again that I am no expert, I just wanted to share it here to get involved and learn more.

    I ask you to give me your opinion.

    (now I will stop using the translator to assassinate English :D)


    Waiting for DBO


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  • these combos are good for pve never use for pvp. u will be stunned before you even get the first move out

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