What's the current progression of the test server in %?

  • I counted nearly 310 ,,Bug" Threads,only 73 (more or less) have been ,,Fixed"

    Based on those numbers (which are not actually reliable because many threads are invalid or repeated),current progression of the test server is at somewhere around 23,55%,not to mention that new bugs are being discovered every day.

    I tried to answer your question in the nerdiest way possible ,only for fun and bcs i'm bored as hell.There are countless reasons why you shouldn't take this information seriously.


  • The best answer to this question is to not give an answer. People go cray cray if something unexpected happens that results in more trouble to fix. And to do that will require more time....

    It's good to take the time. We don'T wanna see them rush and have the same damn problems at the end again. They should take as much time as they need.

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  • No one but Daneos can give you exact percentage of how much he thinks that is done and how much there is left to do.


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  • I will share my thoughts about this. As You see no one longer adds new testers (still free slots). This is probably because there is nothing to test right now so it will be pointless. Game suffers from random crashes and it is a major problem right now, you cant test dungeons or cc, you cant even gear yourself properly for this purposes. So, this must be fixed first to do any progress with testing. At this rate I will say we need an average of one year for 100% working server.

    Because we need much time for fixing major crashes->letting new people access->let them explore the game fully->fixing some minor bugs. Sadly im not happy with it but it is a reality and we will need to wait and cooperate with Daneos because its a titanic work, laying just on one-man shoulders.