<TOKEN SHOP> Things you'd like to see in the token shop

  • Hello DBOG community,

    We are planning to add more items to the token shop and make it more useful for all levels, what do you want to see in the token shop!? More upgrade stones, CCBD tickets, or something else!?PLEASE let us know below! And also feel free to tell us prices for each item.


    Token shop update:

    - U55 Stones

    - U55 White stone

    - 200% EXP boost

    - z20/z24 capsule box [Permanent]

    - Revive potion

    - Auto potion EP/LP

    - Golden/Silver keys

    - Vehicle and dogi will be added later

    Pet items








    Exp scrolls


    z20 and z24 [Permanent]


    Revive potions


    Silver and Golden keys + Mr popo memory


    Before you post:

    -Any hateful/disrespectiful and rude comment toward any user will lead to 3 days suspension

    -Do not go off-topic

    -Please only post suggestions in English

    Team Leader - Titania

  • Can you create new itemsllike new dogis,if not i would like to have all dogis avajhle in cash shop in tokens shop so too all the people who can't buy dogis with cash can buy it with tokens by playing dbo

  • I suggest that all these items be account bound.

    ccbd 50 tickets from token shop great idea esdeath.

    I like to say 5000 tokens for 1 I know its high but, it takes nothing but time to get these tokens so making this very expensive doesn't doesn't really hurt.


    exp scrolls wouldn't be a bad idea as well

    1-30 exp scroll price 30 tokens

    30-49 price 500 tokens


    Brown Skill reset

    price 2500 tokens its high but I don't want to take away from cash shop too much.


    Ressurection popo (for 1 party member)

    price 1000 tokens


    Birthday Hat (remove from cash shop)

    price 4500 tokens


    Flight skills all classes

    price 8000 tokens (account bound so you CAN TRADE BETWEEN YOUR OWN FILES)

    the price is very high because I prefer if you guys do the quest :)


    Please note these are my ideas if they get accepted its by coincidence or because dbog team likes them.

    by no means does this mean any or all my ideas will be accepted please note that.

    • 2 or 3 more dogis (One for male and other one for female, same price as Goku's).
    • Stones up to LVL40 (I wish for LVL70 but that's unlikely).
    • A new vehicle (1000Tokens)
    • Bigger Capsule Boxes (1000Tokens) (Unlikely).
    • A pack of 10 crafting materials of every level. This would be helpful. (200Tokens per pack)
  • I believe the token shop should be left as is. People leave their characters on all the time, so now you want to let them have some benefit for doing nothing? How about you work on some dungeons and other end game content so that we can actually do things first over a stupid token system.

  • Remove Turtle Student dogi and glasses, (force to buy dogi via Cash Shop and suport Daneos), add dogi balls maybe (or completly delete from game... my opinion only), CC tickets for low floors, exp buffs, or completly delete token shop.