New Upgrade System Suggestions!

  • Hello DBO G Community,

    With the new client we are able to do more than ever before, Which is why we would like to hear your ideas on a potential new upgrade system. We want to revamp the entire system or as much as needed to create the best possible experience.

    Suggestions must include:

    - What is needed to upgrade

    - Where you obtain the items you need to upgrade

    - The information regarding the upgrades E.G Blue/Red = +1 Green/Purple = +1-3

    Please explain in full detail so we can understand exactly what you mean.

    The idea of this thread is to gain some ideas to really make the best possible upgrade system one which is either RNG free or with at least possible RNG (Random Number Generated)

    Thanks in advance!

    Syren - DBO G Staff Team


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to leave any suggestions and express your opinions, please do so in a civilized manner.

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  • Make it so that the only way to get upgrade stones is through the token shop. (Tradeable or not doesn't matter to me)

    Revamp the token collection system (as in you have to actually be playing)

    Make no change to the current stones.

  • Hello,

    i thought of maybe making the upgrade system like a little minigame where you have to avoid the fails and brokens, like your cursor avoiding obstacles and as the upgrade level gets higher so gets the intensity of the minigame. Let's say you have +12 the speed and obstacles get bigger (like getting broken as an obstacle is really big) and that white stones give you like an extra chance maybe...? I also think purples and greens should atleast be a +2 instead of +1. I think they should be obtained throughout either the token shop, event boss and or maybe future challenge rewards

  • Remove choosing a card to upgrade or leave only one card to confirm upgrading.

    Add new item for upgrading from +9 to +15. Like upgrade stone dusts which could be created by grinding blue or red stones. So upgrading with it would be purple stone +certain amount of those dusts and purples depending on current upgrade level. Also upgrade chance should be increased since it would require more resource.

    Changing system to this succesful upgrade should only increase +1.

    P.s by grinding stones I meant using npc to get materials for crafting

  • - Reduce success rate over +10 as retail

    - Make success of green/purple +2-3

    - White stone broken back to +0

    - Broken with no white = delete item

    (Oh shit i miss DBO TW)

    - Possibility of get stones from cc/boss event/bid

    - Upgrade stack: use idk 20-30 blue/red stones and get +10 item.

    Make bind all stones.

    People will not can buy stones from zeni generated by cash (less p2w) This will make everyone should play to get his upgrade.

  • Keep the current upgrade system and don't change anything.
    That's my advice.
    The current system is ok now.
    The cashers will always be able to upgrade their gear to +13-+15. And players who barely buy cp or doesn't buy it at all will always reach the maximum upgrade of +12-+13. The lucky ones will reach +14-+15. I have personally wasted lots of stones for my equipment but I upgraded them to +12-+13 and that's good for me.
    Just don't mess with the upgrade system. Leave it as it is now.

  • -First of all Fix TMQs.

    -Make the bosses in TMQs, UDs and CCBD drop stones 100%( x number stone for each player 100% and more with chance) .The harder the boss the more stones it drops( Example : Boss drop 1 stone if the player lvl is higher than the boss by 10lvls+ and the boss drops more if the boss lvl and the player lvl are close to one another and if the boss lvl is more than the player lvl by 10++ the boss should drop alot more). The stones that drops needs to match the player lvl ( Example: if a player is lvl 66~70 he/she should get x number of stones from the boss no matter the boss lvl , the number of stones depends on the lvl difference between the boss and the player).This will encourage group work and make UDs, TMQs, CCBD much more enjoyable and appealing.

    -Mobs have 1%~3% chance to drop stones.

    -Remove purple and green and whites, leave only blues and red.

    -Remove the RNG system and change it with number of stone required to reach a certain upgrade lvl. The number of stones should increase as the upgrade lvl increases.

    -Give more tickets in lvl up box and make them lasts at least 1 week so that characters can farm for stones . Also give stones that are enough for +6 for each 10 lvls so that the characters can continue farming or lvling up if they couldn`t while the ticket was used.

  • I am so thankful that the Forum is not as active as it was months ago, cuz this Thread would be filled with hundreds of noobs saying crap to make it even easier...God Bless xD :S


    My opinion:

    Change Upgrade back completely to how it was in the original game!!!

    Make White stone drop a little harder. Make other stone drops a little harder too. But just a little. No stones from cash shop!

    In case of a wipe (which is needed in my opinion xD) no stones in token shop!!!


    YES, @ppl reading this, i am dead serious about this. And YES, you all don't like this. And YES, screw you guys and your suggestions to make it even easier lmao. This game is f*cking boring. Server is full of High upgraded sh*t!!! Do you really call this a game? You get high upgrades fast, farm other crap, maybe make more chars and get high upgrades fast for them too, do some PvE crap aaand at the end the only things left are PvP and CC150. And even PvP gets f*cking boring with everyone running around with +12 or more. Nobody can seriously have fun with this. Even if you say you do, it's a lie. You have fun at the beginning, 3 months later you get sick of it.


    Now to explain my suggested opinion:

    - Why change Upgrade back to how it was in Original Game...well, back then it was OP to have stuff at +10/11/12. People called you a hacker for having more than +12 xD But if you look at DBOG it's just sad and lame. Everyone runs around with high upgraded stuff. AH is full of them, the chars of ppl carry a lot of them....just f*cking lame guys.

    - Making white stone drops even harder than it now...Tbh atm getting white stones by farming is not that hard. You can get a good amount. Back in the original game white stones were cash shop only. So cashers always had +12 or even more. A classic P2W sh*t which i always hated. Thankfully, Daneos removed it here in DBOG which was a dope move. Problem is, he also removed the regular Item Break which is a big mistake and that's the reason why server is full of high upgraded stuff. No break + easy white stones = a TON of high upgraded stuff = hard to make money cuz price drops heavily! Basic Economics. Regular stones drop too easy too. Should be harder. Green/Purple stones drop a little harder tbh, but could be even harder in my opinion. If i can manage to farm 25 purple/green stones, others can do too. Basically, getting stones is easy, no break option and white stone for everyone ends up with the server being too full with high upgraded stuff. LAME AF

    -In case of a wipe, remove stones from token shop...Well yea. It's cuz ppl abuse the Token shop by opening DBOG multiple times by using their other accounts. THIS needs to be changed. Max. 2x DBOG only should be allowed. Main account + another one for whatever reason. Everything else is madness.


    That's it for now. Sorry for the long text. Pretty sure ppl who know me, know damn well that i always said to make the game harder. Of course lots of other ppl hate it and hate me for it but f*ck those ppl lmao. They dunno what playing a game is. DBO is a grinding game. You have to put lots of time in it to get some sh*t. Here in DBOG you don't have to put any effort in lmao.

    I want the game to be harder. Especially the Upgrading part. At the end, ppl will get CC150 auras too easy. We already have server full of high upgraded sh*t. I really don't wanna see lots of ppl with CC150 aura. That one thing is a special thing. And in DBOG, as it is now, it won't be special at all! That's 100% sure.

    And to make sure End Game content won't get run through fast and easy thanks to easy high upgrades + attack speed, i have another suggestion for attack speed. I know it's not for this Trhead but since you might read this far, here is the suggestion (wrote it once before, nobody cared tho). Will copy and paste it into the spoiler.

    This is a Signature. Thanks for reading.

    You learned nothing.

    Wasted your time.

    Also thanks for reading all the way

    down here.

    Enjoy the emoticon.


    *got f*cked hard by Upgrading on July 8th 2018*


  • Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade

  • If you harden the upgrade system, people will be pissed. If you increase success rate of getting more successful attempts on upgrades then suddenly everyone will have +14-+15 gear and will get bored of this game really fast. The current upgrade system is on average edge. Not hard and not easy to upgrade now. Basically what I am trying to say is that one or another way you will have to farm and across through the pile of shit to get +12-+13 items or you can simply cash in and get yourself a proper armors.

  • Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade

    aight i removed the bind thingy u got a point pple need to sell stones to get zeni

  • that option is no good then why the hell did you farmed 24/7 in world, TMQ or CCBD for your gears to get broken and bumm delete your item?

    who upgrades without white?

    There is a lot of white stones on ah xd

    Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade

    this will make game less p2w

    I know people who just cash, sell cash items by zeni, and use zeni to buy stones... There is a lot of people who never farmed a single stone and have full +15 gears.

  • current upgrade system is fine. whats with this thread? i dont see anyone complaining about it.

    I have 3 chars full +12 and already worked pretty hard for it. At least let us non cashers not very hard to make decent upgraded items.


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  • You should work on wiping out all of the bots and making sure they can't come back. Like Daimster was saying about the mini game, if you have a white you should be able to go again. But there should also be a cd on that so people don't just spam it. After the new upgrading system we need to wipe out the bots and make sure they don't come back.

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