PvE Needs Fixing obviously!

  • I will keep this one 100% straight to the point. PvP seems okay in terms of damage and such… PvE just sucks.

    I have done a field test with almost full +15 armor (+11 Shoes :/) on my DW and was still unable to tank UD3 hard to a certain point. I had 18k DEF and I still took over 250+ dmg from mobs that should do less than 100 damage.


    This video shows a Dende (keep in mind that this is a Dende rather than an actual Tank)

    To save you the view of such a video, I only took this picture to show what I mean.


    Do note this is GoldGinkaku: nSqDZqDYTO2KGir83n41Sg.png

    In this post he states that he still doesn’t have high defense armor on his Dende (again, not a tank) and that he will work on it in the future. (This post was made June 3rd of 2013… basically 4 months before the game died. He was power leveling someone in UD3 hard, so I assume he was doing this before the announcement of the game closing ever came into place) Point is! He didn’t have the time to really change much about his armor, so he still had medium to low Def.

    You’re comparing around 10K DEF (estimating that his armor is like full +8 on dende or maybe even +9) versus 18k DEF. In technical terms I should take around a bit more than half of what Ginkaku was taking, but sadly it’s not the case. Rather I get 300-400 damage.

    Further Dmg Tests:

    I made a re-test, this time with a bit less def, the results were still huge.



    This test brought even more things to my attention. It brought up the fact that mobs literally crit more than a fully buffed Karma on steroids…

    FUN FACT: the jacket I was wearing was ANTI CRIT …


    When I have this jacket or even any anti crit jacket above 25%, Karma crits less than a third of the time on my Poko.

    I went to UD2 hard and I received almost nothing but crits from any of the mobs.

    Also tested Poko Para against the general UD3 hard super on the first floor, I can land it once every 4 times. With around 163 FOC on my Poko with Karma buff and some FOC accessories, I still can’t manage to land 2 paras in a row on any of the UD3 mobs. In Papaya… most mobs have more resistance so it’s even less likely there.

    UD3 mobs: pTI5Tk_mQGeZ4VYA_tbBmg.png

    The resist is not shown through these numbers obviously, but they are similar to what we see.

    Also, this might be on another topic, but that Dende does 20k Crits. My Dende with higher atk does barely 10k, DW does like 7k with +9 gloves, and Poko does around 11.5k. I would also like some explanations on that.

    PvE in general has become idiotically difficult.

    No one give me this “That’s how it was in TW.” It clearly isn’t.

    If there is seriously no way to make both PvE and PvP somewhat balanced in such terms, make 2 calculations, one of which applies on characters and the other on mobs.

    OR... just simply make one calculation that would be a fit for all.

    B4D4SS, ciao

  • Agreed,even the + upgrade on armor doesent make any difference...mobs resists a lot,even thou if you crit 35k which is above their health you still need to use about 6-7 skills to kill 2 groups of mobs.Fully buffed (chef+ulti+karma) doesent help much either...this needs to be fixed asap as many people are PvE oriented.PvP seems just fine there are no more one shooting with huge crits,but pve is broken and it is not even nearly as ''retail''.

  • hi

    B4DGR4MMER (No H4MMER) ,

    it is good how you presented your information for the dbog staff to see, its very easy to follow and doesn't flame which is exactly what we like to see the community to do instead of whining, excellent work and great job. I will recommend this thread to appropriate staff members to see this thread.

    for the mean time try your best to enjoy the game, I know you have heard this a million times or have seen it but this is a test server and nothing is absolute.

    This is my opinion and doesn't represent the entire dbog staff on this matter From what I see from the community it is clear that pve is gotten very hard border line unbearable from the last update.

    especially when pros like you, blazingbarrager, sendoku, and adrain on fire all say the thing. about pve damage.

    anyways have a good day :)

  • This was to make PvE harder, which is just stupid cause when CC150 comes out everyones just gonna right click away the hardest dungeon in the game anyway with speed. So why not just keep it how it was and keep it noob friendly like how 70 cap already is for cashers.

  • Thank god, finally someone with brains and information. Let's just keep helping speed parties where you click and sit back while your dende does all the job.

    I see your sarcasm here, but why would you add/fix something like speed, which makes PvE easy for even a 10 year old to play, but try to make PvE harder?.... You cant make PvE hard with OP speed you just cant. Its logic like this that makes me want to quit the game.

  • Things do seem off, not just with mobs. Daneos claiming things are "like retail" with no further detail seems shady, especially when it turns out he's wrong about it. (similar with saying attack speed was exactly as it was meant to be long ago) The Majin spins have never been so laughably weak. My Ultimate lvl38 Majin with lvl30+10 gloves does 2000 damage in an ENTIRE spin cycle on another lvl38 enemy. Spinning was the only way to have some fun with these buff classes. And I might as well tell people not to bother getting Kidney Shot & Quick Attack for PvE anymore since every mob resists them like a BOSS/HERO now even with amazing FOCUS.

    The crits' power boost have definitely been lowered closer to actual DBO's level of power, though I wouldn't call them correct. On the same enemy, it no longer increases an 7.5k needle to 30k when it crits, but to 13k instead. But that seems like a very low crit-boost for a skill known for it's super-boosted damage when critting. It definitely couldn't be 13k either way.

    But the non-crit power of almost every skill is now heavily lowered, particularly those that don't have high % numbers. And after actually testing Thunder on the CC bosses I'm also doing 2/5th as much damage on them as I did before. The way everything is so inconsistent, nerfing certain moves at their base non-crit power and keeping others basically the same(needle/rock paper scissor) means something's off....

    There's gotta be something missing in the current formula. Either way I'm all for seperate formulas for players and mobs.

  • There's something fun about dealing with this kind of damage and the constantly critting mobs but then STILL prevailing. It reminds me of early DBO KR where I used to run around with +0 gear because there weren't many translations/guides and I was very stubborn. I can just tell this'll be a real pain in the long run, where everything takes a little too long to complete.

    I honestly don't wish that upon others. :P Also to people who take offense for Daneos' sake, don't. We're not pissing on him, we're just outting our voices so he knows what needs fixing. After all, he seemed so convinced earlier this is "same as retail".

    The current formula seems to be...if a skill has 900+400%, and a player has 500 attack.....the move will do 2900 damage.(without calculating defense, props, crit, etc) Seems rather weak for such a mighty attack. I believe that 900 should be scaling with a player's attack in some way, or that there's some kind of base damage that's being skipped.

  • Imo PvE should be easy and PvP should be the one that's competitive. No offense, but in dbo newbies out number even just decent players by a very large margin. Its just how DBO has always been. And you needa spam end game dungeons and CC150 and it will be just annoying always needing to have a good party of players especially CC150 you will need great players for that with no speed. PvE was perfect the way it was before, right now PvE is just annoying for people who dont have speed equips lol.

  • Well right now, tankers ain't tankers as they were before, dmg on skills is reduced while dmg from mobs is same.

    Right now only good dmg is with auto attack.

    Kaioken gives a lot more attack speed than it use to be, before it was 5% attack, 10% move speed and 5% attack speed.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, right now it feels like attack speed on kaioken is too high.

    Sadly I never saw game where it main focus is auto attack but still without speed party, doing CC or last end dungeons will be harder.

    Still we are well aware that this game is in testing mode aka POB, and this dmg reduce is somewhat ok, just auto attack dmg is too high, that needs to be fixed, 1000+ auto attack dmg, who need skills when you have auto attack, let it be around 100 per attack and let speed weapons be capped on 20%, that means that max speed someone can get on auto attack is 90%, alone.

    That means that in PVE, you will be able to get even more speed thx to all speed buffers and increased speed will make up that auto attack dmg decrease that is 100 per attack and ofc if it critics, 150.


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  • I had 18k DEF and I still took over 250+ dmg from mobs that should do less than 100 damage.

    You’re comparing around 10K DEF
    (estimating that his armor is like full +8 on dende or maybe even +9) versus
    18k DEF.

    A dark warrior using +7 gear has almost 6k physicall defense, i doubt that a dende would have 9k with +9 gear, of course as you do, i also have dende and dw, so things may be worst than you think.

    Nice post.

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