Patch Notes - April 26th 2018

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    • Miscellaneous

      • Every party member has to be within the party leader's range when trying to enter CCBD.
      • Players no longer get out of combat while stunned.

    • New Costume
      • Dragon Slayer Dogi
      • Dragon Slayer Helmet
      • Deep Fry Pan



    • "Love Cursing Armoa" removed DOT debuffs.
    • Cooldown did not start when removing a debuff with "Love Cursing Armoa" skill, while having the buff effect.
    • "Playful Doll" effect now stops when getting attacked.
    • "Crane Presentation Mastery" skill did not increase the damage correctly.
    • Item "Resurrection Popo [Other Character]" is now working.
    • TMQ3 "Result Failed" when talking to Trunks.
    • Not getting into the party when the leader invites multiple people.


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  • Code
    And still, basic bugs not fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - the batterys of UD5 still does not work

    - 1 quest ud2 no work

    - the mobs allways scroll the wall (example UD3 and RP1)

    - speed aggro is bugged (no works correctly in party),

    - skills whith cast are bugged too,

    - The end exp of the TMQ is sometimes bugged

    - the TMQ jetpack stays on the back after making the quest

    - respawned mobs beetles in BID1 and CC50 no work correctly whith eggs

    - Areas with green puddles should give poison like burn in lava (for BID1 and CC50)

    - The central boxes in the floors of the CC dunjeon (green, purple, etc.) can act on the one that breaks like on the whole group.

    - Aoe skill animations do not always work (example skill Whirlwind dark warrior)

    - Dragon buffs disappear when entering an instance after having disconnected

    - exp parchemeins' time ends before the end of the actual time indicated

    - rp bug: when sometimes you use a skill with rp and he just stays there doing the rp effect but never does skill

    - Why does not the bot check system still work like the TW version?

    - Why can we still run launcher on the same computer multiple times?

    - The points of M.Att or E.att do not increase when upgrading sub-weapons

    - TMQ jewelery that does not have stats ^^

    - In a dungeon, if a member of the group has a disconnect, the other members lose the buffs of the one who disconnected (not good in CC dungeon)

    - The healer can give party heal by selecting a monster ^^ as well as EP and LP regen

    - During a change of floor in the CC dungeon, sometimes players do not reappear in front of the door but stay in the middle of the room

    - 13 sec. stun from Lvl 7 Mobs -> should be 6 sec. same goes for Poison from lvl 6 Bee.

    - if you got DC in dungeon and you relog u used to be still in dungeon and your party had 15 sec. to reparty you in oringial. Only then u got teleported outside.

    - sometimes mobs you have to kill don't count on your quest although you are in "range" happens in TMQ1 and 2 very often to me.

    - if youu click on a player/NPC or a mob that walks away from you you sometimes get ????? crash!

    - lvl 2 quest from Namek -"go to popostatue" don't give you the lvl 2 shirt it should give you - yeah big loss i know(but still a bug)

    - sometimes when you make a party and try to enter UD it gives you a "Failed to Invite" error. All members must leave party then and you must make a new one..

    - objects you need for quests sometimes do not resprawn after collect them once. Change channel and go back to old channel and they are back.

    - Great Tree Quest should not have all 8 mobs standing there allready. You needed to "summon" them!

    - Some gloves are invisible

    - Some part of the tunnel with the TP on Mushroom South map is "untextured" - was in original too, but only TW i guess in HK it was fine if i remember..

    - Speedhacking still possible because no "game guard" or atleast some protection against it.

    - In the original monsters doesn't ignore wall, not even single structures

    - In the original they respected every single structure and you could even mob all monsters and hide behind one of that structure and force all monsters to run around it to attack, making all of them stack

    - Same in dungeons, where monsters respected walls. Here they're just ignoring walls and attacking you behind them

    - (STICKY) Pre Open Beta Official Big BUG LIST

    - Weapons and armor must wear out as fighting and not just after death

    - The timers buff timers, debuff, xp boost, etc .... are not fair

    .................................... And so long, the list will be too long..................................

    Lot of bugs are again in beta. Why?

    Are We in open beta really? or in Alpha!!

    I will complete the list as my PVE guild finds

    Daneos should come and try his game outside the development server !!!!!

  • "sendoku stop say bug when u lose"

    • "Love Cursing Armoa" removed DOT debuffs.
    • Cooldown did not start when removing a debuff with "Love Cursing Armoa" skill, while having the buff effect.
    • "Playful Doll" effect now stops when getting attacked.
    • "Crane Presentation Mastery" skill did not increase the damage correctly.
  • very well said, excellent...

  • - About armor weapons, its fine like this.

  • Do you know that Daneos has made a huge titanic progress since Alpha Phase (2015-2016) and it's extremely hard to develop this game since he has not NTL's game engine ?

    Did you even play the TRUE Alpha phase to complain about the actual Open Beta Phase ?

    95% of the bugs you listed below are small bugs comparing to PoB's ones.. Show some respect atleast to Daneos and his hard working.

    For the TMQ backpack you can move them to trash , it's not that hard.

    Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection you can catch excellence :thumbup::thumbup:


    11_small.png Fighter - RednakZ

  • Technically its still in its beta phase, hense *Open Beta*

  • Every week I will give the real bug list to correct

    Good! Your feedback is appreciated, but perhaps I can suggest an addition to your list?

    Perhaps you can - for some of the bugs which are less straightforward, such as the bug where some players stay in the same location instead of going to the beginning in CC - explain the cause or most common causes of the bug. This would help Daneos and the rest of the team identify and fix the bug properly, instead of attempting to fix a bug but only fixing a single cause of the bug - as this generally causes more backlash than is necessary with a community like DBOG.

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