What made DBO so fun?

  • Wow...

    If I'm honest, this is a good question that would be good for many here in the forum to ask themselves. What was the thing that made this game so good?

    Personally the thing that most caught my attention when I met the game was the possibility of creating a character in the world of Dragon Ball.

    Grow and understand little by little the details of the game. Improve and become stronger. and I think the most important thing was, the possibility of becoming a SSJ. that for me was the maximum.

    Unfortunately, perhaps monotonous, I gradually lost that sense of taste for the game and focused more on becoming "good" in the game.

    That is, I was more interested in getting OP gear, or dedicate almost 100% to pvp to feel "Pro" among the players.

    What a very mediocre thought.

    I even focused more on the "updates" that the Staff modified than on enjoying the game and it bothered me to think that everything was for the worse when it did not really matter (I was very stupid).

    I think I stopped enjoying what I liked so much and leave aside what I liked the most. Only enjoy the PVE mode without caring so much to if im better than others.

    Maybe I'm not the only one who has thought this. But I thank you for asking that question. You made me remember why I like this game so much and that I also agree with you in your way of thinking.

    I also think that it is the best MMORPG that I have played.



  • For me, it was the whole aspect of an MMORPG based around Dragon Ball.
    Like almost everyone else here I'm sure, I love the Dragon Ball franchise, and always have! So to see not just another DB game, but an actual online mmo with other people to play and interact with, was just awesome!

    To begin with, back in the early days of the KR version (which I exclusively played until DBOG here) -- even though I came straight to DBO from a break I had from World of Warcraft; the world, characters, and the whole DBO universe was just mesmerizing to begin with!
    Unfortunately, it all quickly became stale and somewhat boring, even though the sporadic updates and new stuff that got introduced, revitalized the game for a time.
    What I enjoyed the absolute most throughout all of my time on this game, was playing with friends and guildies; accomplish stuff, and also grind on my own for dragon ball wishes and whatnot, on the side.

    When that finally turned truly trivial, backed up by the fact that many people left for other versions (TW and HK), and the updates were minor and far between, I turned to PvP'ing. I think most people had (and have) it the same way, because the PvE factor of this game was/is just simply lackluster, especially after some years of doing the same stuff over and over again.
    I wouldn't necessarily say that I enjoyed PvP the most across all my hours spent in this game, but it has been what I ultimately ended up doing for the most part, and I did enjoy it, although the toxicity in this game is ridiculously high, which I think is due to lack of content, which in turn ''forces'' people to do PvP, and end up making certain people lose all common sense, in the strive to become the best PvP combatant.. A pity, really...
    After I went all out at PvP with my Dark Warrior back in the KR version, I achieved a goal of which I am still proud of to this very day: I won second (2nd) place in the monthly solo budokai tournament, and achieved the ''status'' of being the world's first top three (3) title holder as a DW combatant. No one had ever won either 3rd, 2nd or 1st place as a DW in any version before, so I was naturally very happy with my achievement!
    After that, the game quickly became somewhat boring again; I went back to do the same stuff with the remaining friends and people that still played KR, and after that version got closed down, I didn't play again until DBOG here, which, to be frank, I have not really played that much at all. The higher-than-ever level of toxicity and the awful mindset of many people in this community, is definitely also a turn-down for my already low DBO lust, along with the lack of new content and what have you.

    While DBO is not my personal favorite MMO/RPG I have ever played, it is (weirdly enough, I find) still in my top 5, I would say. I just hope for the future that the DBO game can become what I always saw it as potentially being: one of the best MMORPG's in existence!

  • Was it the open world? Nostalgia? Freedom? Cool skills? The ability to be in teams or be solo?

    Just curious to what others have to say. For some reason I still believe this was the best MMO I've played.

    The journey. I always have a good journey when I play this game which is why i've stayed in touch with this game for a long time. A new era will begin with this new client.

  • The journey. I always have a good journey when I play this game which is why i've stayed in touch with this game for a long time. A new era will begin with this new client.

    Indeed. Most of us played the game because it was based on anime we watched as kids and to have fun with other players, unlike the game as it is now.

    Everyone before did quests, with friends or alone, try to solo new bosses or dungeons and fail, team up for lot of stuffs and had fun.

    Since we played before without any english patch, it was kinda like adventure to figure everything before your other friends or find better gear with stats that are higher than yours (Mostly CON cuz you would notice HP change) and when english patch come out, it become even better, you start to gear and have more and more fun.

    Mostly you would follow other people what are doing (mostly koreans, chinese and other really good geared people), you would try new skills, ahh, well it was everything better before because it was everything new for you.

    Now, people do not even try to explore the game, multi client, hax/dupe or buy zeni via other websites that use bots and korin plat and simply PVP, log in 1-2 times per week or monthly and it is sad that people refuse to change game for better and no wonder that new DBO Project emerged, since players are simply unhappy due various things here.


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  • The journey. I always have a good journey when I play this game which is why i've stayed in touch with this game for a long time. A new era will begin with this new client.

    Well pretty much this. I'll never care for PvP, only PvE. I dont care about the graphics. The game has some of the most beautiful spots anywhere. Dragon ball hunting (need I say more?) Super Saiyan. Its dragon ball baby~

  • The reason why i started DBO is cuz it was my dream game. I always wanted a MMORPG based on Dragonball. Then when i saw it i couldn't believe it lmao. MMORPG based on an Anime like Dragonball is the damn dream lmao. Pretty sure other Anime MMORPG would be even cooler...like Naruto or One Piece. Well, One Piece would be way too complicated but still.

    Told you the reason on why i started DBO. Now what was fun...well, it was the first MMORPG i really liked.

    Met a lot of ppl, back then it was all about Teamplay. And it was easy af to find Parties to do TMQ,UD and all the other things that you need a party for. Damn, it was kinda annoying to me back then too hahahaha, Had times where i wanted to play alone for a little while but i kept getting invited into parties for everything. That's the major reason why i loved DBO. It really felt like everyone was playing the DBO Story, teaming up etc. to conquer this game. Even tho it was P2W, F2P ppl could still keep up with cashers. Only in upgrading cashers had an advantage cuz of white stones. BUT since ppl could drop very good things like max. stat weapons, F2P were able to make money and buy white stones from cashers to keep up with them. Back then when game was all about grind and not damn boxes...

    I will never forget DBO. DBOG is kinda disappointing atm so meh... xD

    Hope it gets better so i can have the old DBO feeling. Well, it won't be the same feeling since i want the old DBO, like having break option, no boxes, MORE TEAMPLAY, remove atk speed so all classes can go into dungeon (button smashing xD) etc. Won't happen tho...;(

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  • basicly the most logical reason as everyone else stated,

    this game is unique since it is an mmorpg. In all the other DBZ games you are limited to play the same characters over and over again with the same kit for example budokai (tenkaichi) and there is only a certain limited area where you can fight in which makes you feel like you're stuffed into this tiny box.

    In this game you have countless of combinations needed for PvP or PvE there does not exist a build that feels op to do both of them which makes the game diverse and you have to choose your own style of playing the game.

    The downside I see is that after getting a lot of characters done the story itself feels blend, the lvling will be slow and the game itself will feel like you're stuck in a time vortex where you're stuck on the same place for hours later still.

    Reviving DBO was a fun thought but in order to survive, attract more people and to make this game feel alive again you will need to make new content that did not exist yet when DBO closed since at the end of DBO i really started to hate the game where you just grind the same mobs, dungeons and CC again and again just to get the same items and not leveling up with the feeling you're not improving your character at all, which makes you feel you're wasting your time on this game.

    So just for the clarification Daneos and DBOG staff if you want this game to be a success add in the class that they originally intended to add or go beyond lvl 70 with new map and quest line where you further encounter the characters of DBZ in dungeons and landscape area where you actually have to do or do something with them (not like picollo just standing there in southern part of mushroom rock like a stone). I know that maknig new content is hard but at this point I believe your developping skills have been improved to make the magic happen, people will praise you and will surely be willing to help if this goes through,



  • The main reason i like DBO is it's combat, not the system but the animation, kinda unique from other mmos out there, i noticed we get another auto attacks animation every certain lvls. The system itself is pretty standard and simple but you can make your own Dragon Ball-ish combos, my fave is beating up a monster then knock them with kamehameha then finish em with the energy barrage. The power up system, blocking, etc is kinda new in this point-click type mmo, but there is also something stand out is the HTB skill yeaaaa HTB looks dope, but my char is still at lv 28, kinda like Dragon Ball but if the gameplay bad i still not gonna play it. And also this game there aren't too much ppls wearing the same appearance unlike other mmo (kinda WoW ish). I really appreciate ppls who make DBO alive again.

  • I´ve played this game for a while. not long enough. My first impression is that lots of people on mobidescargar mention this game. I didn´t really care at first. But, when you see anything a lot of times, you start being curious. Then, i dediced to try this game. And, i was surprised by the wat that we can create our charaters and the storyline is so interesting.

  • Was it the open world? Nostalgia? Freedom? Cool skills? The ability to be in teams or be solo?

    Just curious to what others have to say. For some reason I still believe this was the best MMO I've played.

    This is will be the first time I've posted...

    What made it so fun? Well, as I have only just discovered that this game ever existed, I am experiencing it for the first time. Here's a fresh perspective.

    First and foremost, its the character creation. Much like Xenoverse, I wish it were a bit deeper (more faces, hair etc etc), but ultimately, you get to create a new and unique to your design character within the Dragon Ball universe. That's bad ass on its own.

    Open world? YES! I remember when DBZ Sagas came out on the game cube. That was the first open world(ish) experience I had with dragon ball outside of the Famicom/NES game. Being able to visit places that look familiar is pretty cool. I wish things were a bit more expansive, but with flying not being able to be had until level 30, that would be a pain.

    Nostalgia? Of course. Now, I haven't fought anyone iconic outside of story mode stuff. I'm only level 33/35/33/7 - so I haven't gotten far yet. Still, the art style really kicked in early on when I saw the first dinosaur. I was grinning pretty big.

    Groups and solo? Well, I tend to be a more solo player- Its cool that you can group up but I've been screwed over twice by random people grouping up with me so I won't be doing that again. Still, the option to go at it alone is nice.

    I hope to one day experience more of what this game has to offer. Went dragon ball hunting tonight and got ready before hand, bought food/drink, cleared my bags space, positioned myself in a place with mobs at my level... then got online before it started and at 5 till, the event started. I grinded and killed hundreds upon hundreds of mobs... and hours and hours later... ZERO dragon balls dropped. Very disheartening. Still though, I hope to see the later levels and areas.

    So what makes the game fun? Well, quite honestly, its Dragon Ball... that is enough for me.

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